User Creation/Termination/Change

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I am wondering if there is anything with in Sysaid that could be integrated or something that already is that we may not be utilizing.

I am the main person who takes new user/termination/change requests.
For our New user requests, we have a form on our intranet that sends an email to us and the manager for approval. Once approved by the manager I create the new user in our phone system, ad and then our in house software. I use a small program that was created by a past employee that will generate the new user account for ad, create a temp password and send an email.

The problem with this - is it is all tracked through email. Is there any tool or anything that is already integrated into sysaid that could make this process a little more manageable?

Also the Changes and Terminations are dealt through email. The reason I don't have them switch over to sysaid for this is then it gets lost in the sea of other tickets that have nothing to do with user creation.