Assign ticket with keyword in body

Hello all, I come from the spice works world, where there is an ability to match a hashtaged word like '#assign bob' in the body of the reply email sent in the original ticket email, and automatically assign that ticket to 'bob'.

I've created an email rule, but its not working. I'm do not see how I can replicate this desired behavior anywhere else. Are there any suggestions? Thank you !!!!
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Unfortunately, currently our email rule functionality applies only to initial emails sent to inbox but I will check with our product to see if we have a an improvement in the pipeline and update.

Regarding the email rule you mentioned that is not working, check out the guide below and if still you have questions reach out to our live chat support or in email: to figure out your specific configuration.

Let us know how it goes,
Maayan, SysAid Community Manager

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