Alternatives to Approved

I'm new with SysAid, working on developing my first workflow. "Approved" Y/N seems to be the go-all to trigger completion of an Action Item, but I was wondering how to create an alternative to this option. In my workflow, I have an "Evaluation" where our helpdesk evaluates a user request to decide what subtasks will be needed, what template to use, etc. Instead of Approved Y/N, I'm looking to give the give helpdesk the options of Submit to "Waiting for Approval" or Reject. I could frame the Approved to mean "approve for submittal" but that's clunky.

I've create a list field "Evaluation Actions" with the choices "Submit" and "Reject" and put it on the Evaluation form (see the attachment to what our helpdesk would see). The trick is to trigger completion of Evaluation when one of the actions is selected. Any thoughts?