Email Rules - Automatic Field Integration

So I've searched the forums, looked at the Marketplace, and google searched for a while to see the limitation of the Email Rules.

So this is probably a feature request and not actually a "how do you do this?" type question.

I have a monitoring system that sends an email to SysAid to generate a ticket.
The Email Rules allow me to search the subject, body, etc for specific text
But, it doesn't seem to allow for direct linking for Selectable Fields.

For instance.
We use the CMDB, and we have all of our Switches in it with their CI# (We are not using Assets, don't ask its complicated and that decision pre-dates me by several years)

"Main CI" is a field we use on practically every ticket we process.

It would be nice if there was the ability to find a specific start character string, followed by a specific end character string from the email, and to use whatever is in between as an Importable Field.

Statement | Body | Custom Field Starts | "CI#:"
Statement | Body | Custom Field Ends | ":endCI#"

The email would contain the following text:

Then in the "Update the following SR Fields" section we could use Action Builder to have a
Main CI = Custom Field

This way, the email sent from the monitoring system, automatically attaches to the right CI

This wouldn't have to just be for CIs, there's a MILLION ways I think would be useful to be able to very selectively pull information out of an email.

Anyways, I don't think its currently possible, and this method of having a "start character string" and "end character string" was just my best attempt to keep it simple. Even if I have to have a seperate email rule for each field I'm trying to extract, it would simplify my automation without having to try and configure a software specific plugin or addon.

Note: I have to manually add the CI# from SysAid into my Monitoring software as a custom property, and I'm ok with that.