SysAid Tip - Monitoring without SysAid monitoring module...

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I got issues with SysAid monitoring module which is not SysAid fault. It's my local policy.
Is that the end of it ?

One of the coolest thing in SysAid is the integration thing.
It basically let you monitor anything that has e-mail notification capability... which is practically EVERYTHING from server, firewall, Router, Printserver, UPS, your girlfriend, your EX girlfriend, your best friend who's now with your EX girlfriend... you got the idea...

Some example of what you can pipe into SysAid to be follow up :
1. Server's log (Or Event viewer sez M$..)
2. Printer status
3. UPS status
4. Backup status
5. IT related ERP status
6. Your antimalware flags
Etcetera... etcetera... etcetera...

Here's how you do it :

1. Prepare separate mailbox (read: mail address) for each devices (or persons if you take my joke seriously).
2. Create a category for each devices (this is the reason why you need separate mail address).
3. Register and set the retrieval account of all those address on the integration thing and assign the category.
4. On each of those devices you want to monitor set the notification to the corresponding address you register on the integration thingy.

You're the SysAid ALmighty...

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Obelix, Thank you for your great tip, I never thought of this kind of a solution, to do monitoring without the monitoring module

This just shows how SysAid is flexible and can be used in many ways.

This is going straight to my personal SysAid tips

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yes, nice tip, I never thought of taking it to this level, but I will do now!
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Oooo one other thing...

Try to keep all the mailing local.
If you use address like yahoo, or gmail or stuff... you got spam goes straight to your helpdesk !
So if this prove to be useful, might be necessary to :
1. Add more powerful filter on mail integration (simple keyword thing that talk to the routing setting would be enough I think)
2. Add not only pop3 but Exchange mail scheme on the mail retrieval thingy.

And thank you... thank you...
Simply forwarding the good karma.

*slight bow smile*

Now a pop quiz...
What do you do with devices that do not have mail notification capability ?
*wicked wicked eyes*

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have to say i have been doing this for a while now all my firewall logs to a specific email address that get categorized as hardware and firewall

Then i have sysaid close the call!

Same for backup logs, ups logs the list goes on for anything that has a log that i want keep!!
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That is a cool tip Obelix.
No I need to try to make it work.


Kind regards,
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Now a pop quiz...
What do you do with devices that do not have mail notification capability ?
*wicked wicked eyes*

Hey Obelix for your pop quiz we have solution here we are using;

We have been using a separate monitoring tool called Whatsup Gold, it monitors all our assets on the network and provides full support for SNMP and WMI network management.

We have configured the tool to send out the email notifications to SysAid for different assets just as you have mentioned. This allows us better degree of control for monitoring all our assets on the network.
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Yesss... yesssssssssssss.....
VERY good.

Get a third party product to monitor that device and patch it to SysAid. The possibilities are quite fascinating...
Very nice.
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Why thank you...
*slight nod gazing smile*

Barrymore ?

What would be ideal for us is that when Nagios generates an alert to Sysaid it opens the ticket but also when nagios issues the "service" as back up - the ticket gets closed...