SysAid Release 6.0: Behind the scenes and ITIL

SysAid Marketing

Dear SysAiders,

As the weather warms up, SysAid 6.0 gets ready to fly the R&D nest, and we have lots of exciting
news to share with you this April.

But first, it's been a long road to Release 6.0 since our R&D team began work in October last year.
Asaf Volshtein, Head of SysAid R&D, offers a unique inside perspective into the key stages of
development behind Release 6.0.

They're not the only ones working hard this last month. Over 1,400 SysAiders volunteered to test
the new Release 6.0 Beta - a new SysAid Pathfinder record! The quality of the feedback received
so far has been invaluable, and I extend my thanks to you all for helping to deliver our vision for
the new SysAid 6.0.

Within the wider SysAid vision, you might be interested to know that we allocate a large window
in our five year SysAid R&D roadmap for SysAider feature requests. Release 6.0 is a perfect example
of this. Your community posts offered new R&D angles for Release 6.0 features (LDAP refreshes and
SR Printouts for example), and also provided the 'wind in our sails' by ensuring that planned
development progressed in alignment with your needs.

On the topic of records, the turnout for last month's Introduction to Release 6.0 Webinar was immense,
with nearly 1000 participants on the day. The level of involvement was so high that we ran an hour
over the allocated time in our final Q&A session! Due to popular demand, we have also posted a free
online Webinar recording of our last session.

Join us for our next free Webinar: Introduction to SysAid ITIL Package on April 22nd, 2009 where we
unveil SysAid ITIL Change Management and Problem Management modules and explore best practice
opportunities for your organization.

And finally, after months of anticipation, SysAid 6.0 opens to general release on the 20th of April in a
landmark occasion which belongs first and foremost to you, our SysAiders.

Please refer to our latest April Newsletter for more information.


Israel Lifshitz