How to - Back up your database Inside SysAid!

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A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid customer Support Team

Because we have realized the importance of the backup we inserted it into SysAid itself. Now it is no longer done outside SysAid. To backup please follow the instruction below:

You do not have to use external database to enjoy backup capabilities. SysAid supports backup in its internal databases.
To create a backup to your database:

1. Go to: Preferences > Integration > Backup tab
2. Check the box to enable the backup.
3. If you are about to perform an action which could cause a database corruption, you can create a backup at once by clicking the Run Now button.
4. To configure a backup of the database on a regular basis enter a time for the regular backup, the directory for your backup, and administrators who will receive email notifications when the backup was successful and when it has failed.
5. Save your data backup preferences. The backup is always for the most recent seven days.
6. Note that this SysAid internal backup feature is only available with the built-in databases Derby or Firebird.

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why Preferences > Integration >

no backup tab???
any other way for back up?
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Shin,

This page is only available if you are using the embedded Derby Database (no longer relevant for versions 9.1+). If you are using an external database such as MySQL, MS SQL, or Oracle, you must back up the database using the database's own backup methods.