SysAid Tip - Upgrading the SysAid Agent without Re-Deployment

SysAid Wiz
A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of Ilient Support Team

To save you time and efforts, from version 5.0 and up, you can easily upgrade the SysAid agent without having to re-deploy SysAid to your network.

1.Go to Preferences->Asset Setting-> Asset Update
2. From the Command dropdown menu, choose Upgrade client version.
3. Choose which asset or asset group to run the upgrade on.
4. Set the date for the next upgrade.
5. Choose how often to repeat the automatic upgrade.
6. Click the Add button, or the Run Now button to upgrade immediately.

For instance, if you have SysAid 5.0.03 version, your client will be automatically upgraded to SysAid 5.0.06, even if the workstation is off.
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