SysAid tip - deployment requirements

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SysAid agent can be deployed to your network assets very simply and easily, which includes using the deployment tool, login script and group policy.

Below you can find the requirements for a simple and easy deployment process

Deployment requirements:
1. Deployment requires the Remote Registry, RPC, Server to run on the client. This make Windows XP Home Edition irrelevant for deployment (missing some services), as well as other legacy operation systems (such as Windows 98/Me/NT).
2. For proper communication, the following ports must be opened between the deploying computer and the clients:
TCP 139
TCP 445
UDP 137
UDP 138
UDP 8193 (for seeing agent information in the deployment tool)

After the agent is deployed you only need to keep port 8193 open. The other ports are only used in the deployment process.

The SysAid agent will communicate with the server on the port selected upon SysAid server installation (8080, by default).

3. You need to have administrative permissions on the target machine in order to deploy the SysAid agent successfully.

The default Deployment Tool login setting is - "Login as current user". If the current user doesn't have administrative rights, you can change the login settings in the Deployment Tools:
"Edit -> Login Settings"
"Login to remote computers as the following User". Here you can enter the administrative credentials you wish to use for the deployment.
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SysAid Wiz
What's the requirement for linux agent ?
SysAid Wiz
The linux agent doesn't have a requirements as it is different then the agent for windows.

The linux agent is a script you need to run on the machine itself (cannot be deployed) so there is no need for deployment instructions
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SysAid Wiz
May I ask why there's no "deployment" for linux ?
We both know Linux got remote capabilty...
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Well, I'm no Linux expert, but i think that remote installation is a *very* problematic thing to achieve in linux.

But i do know that our R&D are working on this development so i'm sure we will see a working linux deployment tool someday
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why the eff doesn't anybody give the script for linux agent?? or any installation files?? I have been searching everywhere and everyone just talks about how to install and other crap. Can somebody give a download link (client download) or script not sysaid itself? I want to access linux machine information from windows version of sysaid.
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Been thinking about this for a long time...
I think instead of trying to create script that works for all distro Illient should pick one and declare this.

Once you master that one distro you can always add other distro and in time you will cover all of them.

Illient support are one of the best I've seen. But nobody could take on all linux distro in one strike, natively - NOBODY.
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Hey lovechild,
Welcome to the SysAid community.

SysAid does have a Linux agent, which is compatible with most distributions, but since each distribution is different , you will need to re-compile it for you own distribution, the process itself is quite easy (for experienced Linux users) and we can provide you with the needed instructions if you need them.

Just send us an email to with your request and we will provide you with it.

Best regards.
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SysAid Customer Success Manager
Don't mean to bring this back from the dead, but I think this information should be on this port.

Before you even start the deployment, you must make sure the following 'terms' have been met:

There are 4 terms that must be met before you can deploy the SysAid Agent onto a machine:

Before starting, please note:
If you are using the 'Deploy SysAid' tool for the deployment- do the following steps on the machine on which the tool is installed.
If you are using the Asset Management > Network Discovery page for the deployment, do the following steps on the actual SysAid server machine.

1. Allow Remote Registry access to End User machine
How to test if this term is met :
Open the 'Remote Registry' (Start > Run > regedit) on the machine from which you do the deployment** , then click on; Edit > Connect Network Registry > State the name of the machine you wish to deploy onto > OK.
If the connection was successful, you should be able to browse around in their registry page,

2. Allow remote 'Services' access to End User machine
How to test if this term is met :
Open the 'Services' menu (Start > Run > services.msc), on the machine from which you do the deployment** , then right click on "Services (Local)" > Connect to another computer > State the name of the machine you wish to deploy onto > OK.
If the connection was successful, you will see the Services menu of the target machine.

3. Allow 'Simple File Sharing' (\C$ access) to End User machine
How to test if this term is met :
Click Start > Run > type: \\PCNAME\c$ on the machine from which you do the deployment** , If successful, you should see the C drive of the target machine.

Those 3 terms allow the actual deployment on the End User machine.
The next one is to allow the Agent, once installed, to send the information to the SysAid server.

4. From the client PC itself, you must be able to 'telnet' the SysAid server service - to test this; From that PC, and click : Start > CMD > type : telnet SERVERURL 8080
(change SERVERURL to your SysAid server external URL/IP and the port to your server's access port)

All 4 terms must be met or the Deployment will fail.