Best Practice SysAid Categories for Service Desk

How did you find the new Best Practice SysAid Categories in new installation of release 6.0
They are Great! I use most of them and added some of my own 31% [ 4 ]
They are OK - removed a lot and added some of my own 15% [ 2 ]
I didn't use them - They aren't relevant for my sort of business 15% [ 2 ]
I didn't use them - I entered my Own IT categories 38% [ 5 ]
Total Votes: 13
SysAid VP Product
Dear SysAiders,

In SysAid Release 6.0 new installations - the categories have been populated with Best Practice SysAid Categories to run a Service Desk.
So new installations come with out of the box recommended categories that can get you started with your service desk.
Those of you who upgraded from previous releases , naturally didn't receive the best practice categories, as you already probably came up with the best categories to serve your business, anyway - You are welcome to check them out in our Demo

So what I was wondering is for those of you who did install SysAid 6.0 as there first version - how did you find the categories ?
If you added interesting items that you think were missing and could help other SysAiders - please go ahead and share them by posting them !

Thanks for your cooperation in the poll.

Elite SysAider
We have so many systems and apps to support that we broke everything down by system, and that used all three category levels. Our top levels are Enterprise Apps, Desktop Apps, Connectivity, Facilities Equipment, and Hardware.

Instead of drilling down and creating an "install", "repair", "error", etc... for each category, I used one of our custom lists and made a "request type" list with things like "error", "install", "password reset", "purchase" etc...

The only problem with this is that my ability to use routing policies is limited, and I have to do much of my routing via escalation policies (which is a little hampered right now since I can't escalate to an admin group).
Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
SysAid Wiz
It's great but too late for me...
Like andy I already have a "system" in place. I might change it gradually to the best practice if I think it's worth it.
But for new sysaid user.. I think it's an excellent idea.

One caveat though...
You do have it in OTHER languages, right ?
SysAid VP Product
Obelix wrote:
One caveat though...
You do have it in OTHER languages, right ?

Hi Obelix,
We have a special release available that includes the ability to translate the categories so they can be displayed in the end user portal in the language that the end user it set to,
So you can simply translate them via the SysAid translation file mechanism.

Contact support if you need more information on this.

Did some of you tried to set categories like an ITIL Service Catalog?
Examples of first Level:

Voice Services---> Second Level
Cellular Services
Residence Telephone Services
Telephone Services----> Third Level
Order phone sets
new phone lines
add phone lines
request phones moved
Voice Mail

Consulting & Professional Services
Database Services
Data Center & Servers
Desktop Services
Email, Calendar, Collaboration
Identity Management
Network Services
Storage & Backup Services
Web Services

For us, having the users browse all the categories all the way to the tird level is too complicated. We have disabled the third level and want to simplify the categories as much as we can so the users dont loose time or patience trying to find the right categories for their need. Any of you have made a good simplified 2 levels set of categories ?