What is your target level of availability?

In your 24/7 critical systems, what is your target level of availability? (Not including scheduled downtime.)
98% and below 10% [ 6 ]
99% 28% [ 17 ]
99.9% ("three nines") 23% [ 14 ]
99.99% ("four nines") and above 39% [ 24 ]
Total Votes: 61
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One of the IT department's greatest responsibilities is providing high levels of availability. After all, users expect their systems to be ready and working at all times, and any downtime is generally met less than enthusiastically. While it is often possible to plan downtime and minimize business impacts, even the best of IT departments experiences power outages, system failures, or severed network connections. Luckily, you can measure availability and prevent the expected with the SysAid Monitoring Module's powerful monitoring capabilities! So what's your goal?

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Our "customers" are all law enforcement officers and criminal justice users in our state. Our target uptime is 99.99% including maintenance. To approach this level, we build in redundant servers, firewalls, switching, UPS, etc. Currently, we are achieving 99.97% with a staff of three.
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This is an interesting post as i am not sure how sysaid allows you to measure availability - please could you explain becuase this is one of the things we desperatly need and are about to spend a lot of money replacing sysaid's monitoring solution.

We have 140 servers and currently i cannot find a way to monitor and report on availability. For example there is no way to display a "NOC" view for key services / hardware components.

Secondly i cannot find a report to show the uptime of services/servers.

Any help would be appreciated - This will be the third time i have posted about this so would welcome a response from sysaid! (Normaly you are fantastic about getting back, and i just also want to say that on every other level we are extermly happy with the product and you as a company!)



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Exapmle of a dask board attached - NB sysaid could go along way towards this if the groups in the aset management could be used to for monitoring groups on the monitoring modules
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Too bad...

I am in the same position as you. Except my network is small enough for me to getby with freeware products until sysaid come up with something similar.
And you're right... sysaid monitoring now lack much MUCH needed charts.

But for the sake of an argument I'd like to brainstorm with ya...

If SysAid monitoring could fire an SR and SRs can be drawn as charts... a carefully design category... will enable you to have a monitoring charts.

I've tried to do this before but my problem is... sysaid monitoring seems somehow generate more traffic than it should. Cause despite the same principle behind it, unlike those freeware I use, sysaid keeps bringing my network performance down. Now mind you.. network performance is as elusive as sirens in a storm. So do not hold my statement as official evaluation. Maybe my network is old... technology and capacity wise I mean... G2 servers... IDE harddisks... 10/100 baseT... ugly.

Feel free to take on this adventure.
That said... the best network performance monitoring I know is one by Manage Engine.
If you're impressed with above screenshot you gonna go ballistic with what Manage Engine products could produce.

Hope this is of any use to you.
And greetings by the way.
*slight nod smile*
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Thanks for the recomendation. We have now bought OpManager by ManageEngine and it looks to be a great product. BTW: This is not meant to be aimed as a dig at sysaid as i would still prefer to have it all in one product if i could but we could not wait much longer. I hope that from this post sysaid will introduce these features in future releases of the monitoring module to make it useable in an enterprise environment.

Key things sysaid could learn from OpManager:

1. Templates - Almost all Cisco / HP kit already has templates pre-made using either SNMP or WMI - no agents and no need to track down all the OID's - took a day to setup monitoring on 200 servers, all core switches and WAN links!!

2. Dashboard / NOC View - You are able to display all monitored assets in a NOC view so you can go to one screen and see your entire network, including a google maps view and a CCTV (rotating dashboard) view. This would not be that different from the sysaid dashboard if you were able to show monitoring information

3. REPORTS!!!!! We finally are able to properly report on availability and capacity (one of our KPI's). The reporting is generally fantastic, lots of detail and very easy to set up. Why does sysaid not have builtin reports for the monitoring module??

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Hi johnb,

We are actually very busy these days on these exact issues, and we will be introducing a lot of dramatic enhancements in this aspect.

We will be able to introduce these new developments during 2011.

The strength will indeed come from the integration with all other modules and the all in one approach.


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Thanks Oded, We would much prefer to have it all in one system so i look forward to the future updates!