You cannot update this Service Request because someone else has already updated it.


I just emailed it to the email address. Thank you for responding, I simply forgot about this issue until just now.
I have 1 user that gets this message frequently. He creates a new request, types his text, attempts to attach a spreadsheet. When he clicks OK, he gets this error. In the past, his spreadsheets have been at least 2.5 MB. His path and filename would have at least 200 characters, but I have gotten him to stop this. Is there a limit to the size of an attachment perhaps that is causing this?

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Hello susang23 ,
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Is this user the only user which is getting this error?
Does it only happen when he try to attach a file?

in older versions of SysAid, the derby database had a 1MB limit for attachments, so if you are using derby database, and you installed SysAid before version 5.5 came out,please contact our support at so we will be able to examine your database.

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Hi everyone,
So where did you guys get to on this matter?

We have the same problem occurring when two admins from different locations edit the same ticket ending up with a winner and a loser....
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If both admins are trying to update the same request at the same time, then the error will come up as intended.

To avoid the issue from happening, You can instruct your admins to assign the requests to them self when they are working on it so other admins will not see it in their queue.


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Thanks for the advice Haim. Looking more long-term though, with a view to improving the user friendliness of SysAid, I was wondering what follow up action has occurred regarding the comments your product manager made last year...
Oded M wrote:

I suggest the following :
In case SysAid encounters the above scenario - it will pop-up the same message, but keep all the data that you entered on the screen - the message will also instruct you that if you wish not to loose your changes you should copy them. in most cases re-entering the Service request will allow you to paste/update your changes.

I will see that this development is added to SysAid to make our life a bit easier in this specific aspect.....

I'd be grateful if you guys would indicate where in your roadmap this is.
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Any update on this ?
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Is there any chance a feature request could be launched for this entitled 'Service record locking improvement' ?

Or maybe one already exists - I cant find it though
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Hey David,
How are you?

There may be various causes for this problem, so we have to address each issue individually. If you are experiencing this issue, please submit a service request with us.
In regards to adding a feature to lock service request, I urge you to submit it as a feature request at the FR forum

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Hi guys,

I've also received this problem, but when email integration imports a user's reply while the admin is updating the case. Just thought I'd mention it in case this helps.
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Hi nicks81,

What you are referring to is not a problem because in this case the SR was updated and this is why you receive this massage.

The real problem was that people received this massage when the SR wasn't updated.
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just contacted support about this issue. we seem to be getting this when a admin is updating the case notes and it takes longer than a few minutes to enter. we have very little end user updating of the system so don't think its them the only other area it could be is the email intergration but why would that cause the error?

It happens way to often for it to be a coincidental that an email comes in for that particular SR just as an admin is updating it.

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This is the biggest complaint about the system that i hear on a daily basis. If cutting and pasting from notepad is the solution that we are left with after over a year then...............$%£$!!

Having a temp area in the database that "queues" updates to Service Requests seems to be the most sensible idea as this is seamless to the users.
We have been getting this error alot over the last year and even more since we went to sysaid v8.0. But we know for a fact only one person is here updating the record and we still get this error.

Any other ideas of what could be causing this error?
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Has this been fixed in version 8?

Edit: just seen post above so will re-phrase - was this meant to have been fixed in version 8?

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