Which browser do you use sysaid with?

Which browser do you use sysaid with?
Internet Explorer 34% [ 49 ]
Firefox 49% [ 72 ]
Safari 2% [ 3 ]
Other 15% [ 22 ]
Total Votes: 146
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Of course not!

I've gotta say, i have rarely worked with an organisation that responds to user criticism/requests so frequently and quickly! You feel like you get a real personalised service with Ilient/SysAid.

Well done guys!
When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
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This patch (5.6.10) is a minor patch which deal with some minor issues (like the issue with the third level categories), and as such, we released it to anyone who complained on any of the issues it fixes.
We are planning to release an official patch in the next few weeks, and around the end of March, we plan to release the next version, version 6.

Best regards.
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Can you say what it surely going to be added\fixed in v6 ?
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Lev wrote:Haim
Can you say what it surely going to be added\fixed in v6 ?

Sorry to but in here, Before my thread about browser compatibility disappears off at a complete tangent, Oded is your man for what is coming in the new version, if you take a look at the feature request forum and search for "6.0", you will see he has begun changing the titles for some of the features that are coming in Version 6. I hope this helps.

now, back to browser compatibility, Sarah have you manged to get an answer yet about chrome support for the administrator knowledgebase?

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We have to use Firefox for SysAid as IE is just to slow. We have 130 projects listed in the project\task module and it takes 30 seconds to refresh and in FF it takes only 4.
Ive never liked IE. I do wish SysAid could refresh without triggering the Firefox feature that prevents pages to self refresh or self redirect. The feature can be shut off in Firefox, but I want the security. Mozilla needs to add an exceptions list with SysAid being a defaulted exception
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I prefer Firefox.

IE does not refresh properly. I have found that the prompt boxes that show when you hover the mouse over the service request tends to stick to the mouse pointer when you move it to the menu. I have to hit F5 for it to disappear.

Firefox does not do this
I found that I was having issues w/ SysAid v. 7.0.4 in IE not prompting to add an SR to knowledge base and having a hit or miss email notification when closing an SR...since I've moved to Firefox ALL of that works seamlessly!!! Does anyone know how to change the default browser to Firefox for the SysAid login / shortcuts created???
never mind everyone...found a post to change Program Access and Defaults...DUH....sorry to waste space here...WELL, THOUGHT I FOUND IT.....DID the Program Default thing, but the SysAid login shortcut still says IE on it and I can' t change it!!!

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I use IE and haven't had any issues with Sysaid interface. I don't mind firefox, if it would open instantly, not the 30+ seconds it takes sometimes.


Im a big fan of Firefox and IE6-IE8 have been (imo correctly) slated but MS have really made a big step up with IE9.

For all those who changed to FireFox a few years ago I would recommend you give IE9 a chance (Windows 7 a pre-req). Its much faster then its previous versions
A few of us use Google Chrome !!!!!!!!!!
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Personnaly using IE8 and FF. Our users only IE7 or IE8.
I think IE stays always the most used company browser, FF is more used by admins - just my opinion...
Google Chrome ftw!
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I have to add in Google Chrome as well. I like using a Mac and Chrome has always been the fastest and most stable browser. The only issue I've found so far is that Chrome is only 32 bit on Mac (and I think Windows as well), and later versions of Java Runtime Environment (version 7, I think), require the browser to be 64-bit. So far, this hasn't impacted using SysAid.