How to - add additional fields to the "submit service request" page

Haim wrote:Hey Jeff.

There is an option to set a default category, but the users will still have access to the other categories, so this option will probably not work for you.

Is there a reason why you cannot re-organize the companies structure so it will fit the category limitaion needs?

Best regards.

Hello i really want to do this, i can get the first category to default to a value but i cant get the subcategory or thirdlevel values to default.

This is the code i am using:

<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label"><label>$resource.getString('submit.category.caption'):</label></td>
<td> </td>
<td class="Form_Ctrl_Fields"><table><tr>$frm.printControl('problem_type', true, true, 'Automated Requests')    $subCategorySelect    $thirdLevelCategorySelect</tr></table></td>
<tr><td height="10"> </td></tr>

can anyone help
Hi All,

all you wrote doesnt work for me!

I whant to remove the Urgency and Asset Field from the Service Request Form of the end UserPortal.

I deleted the lines in the File: submit-service-request.html.
Nothing happens!

Reload & Restart the sysaidserver -> noting happens!

Please tell me how can i do this? Step by Step please.

Thank you

Did you copy the file and then edit it. From what I understand you HAVE to copy the orignial file, make your changes, save the file and then in the SysAid software point to where the edited files are located. I have not done this myself yet but I will be working on it later today / tomorrow. If you have any update please post it here also so others can reference it.
Super SysAider

Dear pguminski,

Please edit your submit-service-request.htm file and search for this section.
Delete the entire section and save a copy of this file.

#if ($selectUrgency.getRequired())
<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label">$resource.getString('mandatory.sign')</td>
<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label"> </td>

<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label"><label>$resource.getString('submit.urgency.caption'):</label></td>
<td> </td>

Reload the file from Customize > Appearance - > Reload templates.
Make sure the path is correct at the "HTML Files Location" field.
login as a regular user and search this field.

Please update this post if you still see the Urgency field.
Hi Haim,

I want to ask user to submit a Contact Person (First Name and Last Name) on the submit service request form.
Either as one field "Contact:" in which he/she will write the first and last name, or as two fields "First Name: ", "Last Name: ".

What is your suggestion here? Shall I use the custom text fields?

BTW, there is a "contact" column in service_req table. The documentation says this field is "Obsolete". Does this mean that I should and can not use it?

SysAid Customer Success Manager
Hi ,

As Haim replacement, not that I can, here is my suggestion,
Use one field so you will have the second one for a different custom text if you will need in the future.

Just copy this to your Submit-service-request.html file:

<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label"> </td>
<td class="Form_Ctrl_Label"><label>Full Name:</label></td>
<td> </td>
$frm.printControl('cust_text1', true, true, '')
<tr><td height="10"> </td></tr>

If you want to have to fields just add it again and change the Full Name to First\Last Name and the cust_text1 to cust_text2.

Let me know if that helps you.
Best Regards,
Elite SysAider
I am trying to add the cc field to end user portal as described earlier in this string, but I can't get it to work.
I have added the required text to the html file but I am not 100% sure I have added it in the correct place.
Could anyone show me the full 'submit-service-request.htm' file with the addition in? Then I can check I am amending the file correctly.
Many Thanks
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Hi Kim,

In order to add the CC field please add the following to the Submit Service Request page:

<td> </td>
<td> </td>

The location of these blocks can be anywhere in the Submit SR form, but they must be placed after a block is closed (</tr>.
Best Regards,
Hi itayH,

Iwas using the CC field on the Submit Service Request page without any problem on sysaid 7.0.

I've updated to version 7.5.03 and now the CC field with the browse button is not displaying.
The code I've tried are:
$frm.printControl('cc', false, true, null)

The output HTML is empty, no text field and browse button.

Thank you for your help.


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SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear Nico,

This is a known issue in our current release 7.5.03 this should be resolved in 7.5.04 which should be released in our next release by the end of December


SysAid v7.5.05 Enterprise Ed.
IE 7 & 8

I created an additional column (or field) to be added to the End User Submit form as an "if" statement per category selection. I've added the label definition in the Translate file which shows great, but the text box doesn't populate. I substituted "cust_text1" for the text box in the customized code and this object did poplulate. Below is what I have for the "submit-service-request.htm".

Is there something I'm missing?

Problem Solved.

I had the incorrect name for the newly created field or control.

EDIT: Please disregard this post!

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