What is your favorite gadget?

I though i was going to read tons of Ipod/Iphone threads... surprised.

My HTC Touch for sure makes my deal for favourite gadget. Tried blackberry bold and many other devices and cannot find all the applications I find in here
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Oh HTC is a worthy gadget.

I prolly got flame for this but there's a joke here that says...
"...anybody who use apple products are not IT people..."

*fire-in-the-hall kinda squat and winced*
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Obelix wrote:
"...anybody who use apple products are not IT people..."

So you asked for it, you'll get it

No - just kidding. Indeed I am using an iPhone and with a kind of sarcasm I have to admit that copy and paste is a feature that needs to be advertised on TV though it took only 2 years implementing it. Maybe I have to mention that my HTC Hermes already did the job a few years ago.

Due to the fact that I own such a device I have to admit that the iPhone is quite a "fashion victim" product. Technically I can't stand that this pimped MP3 Player is unable to sync the calendar with an open plattform or open protocols like SyncML. I think I won't recommend buying another "iPhone" but rather look for an open alternative (like open, for open standards). So here in Germany there is no alternative right now without jailbreaking the phones. I'm very curious about the new Palm but for now I am "bound" to the iPhone :/

Besides, privately I am using 2 Mac computers and I still think, the Mac operating system is a well designed Unix/Linux OS which filled the gap providing simplicity to the end user whilst keeping up good remote management capabilities for tech guys. IMHO the trick is, that Apple went back to the roots (A/UX) and relied on open standards, implemented them well and wrapped everything in candy paper

But for business issues I have to agree, that Windows is the better alternative (thinking of Software, Integration, Compatibility...)

So, back to my favourite Gadget, I think I couldn't live without my VDR anymore
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My favourites have got to be:

1. My MacBook - yes it's a Mac. Well done for spotting that one I use this not only for home use / entertainment but also working on our networks. It's a fantastic bit of hardware with a pretty good OS on top. Plus as I'm implementing Linux servers at work in certain roles, it gives me scope to practice my Command Line Warrior Skilz!

2. Dropbox - not really a gadget but a great bit of software!

3. Evernote - again it's software but having the ability to type notes, copy sections of web pages, tutorials, notes, documents etc into one place that is replicated and available via the web is fantastic. Between this and Dropbox, I've pretty much relegated my USB keys to the bin.

4. Leatherman TTi - probably the best and most useful multi-tool ever invented. I use this at work, on trips, on expeditions and pretty much everywhere! This was the main bit of kit used to keep my tuk-tuk going through 4000km of driving in India. Well that, duct tape, tie wraps and a dollop of ingenuity.
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Tim... does dropbox got logs of who do what to what and when ?
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Obelix wrote:Tim... does dropbox got logs of who do what to what and when ?
it does log files changes if that's what you mean. As it's aimed at one user per box, I don't think they log username against it as well it's your username!

there is a "public" side to it you can setup but I've not looked at that yet.
I have to agree with Haim & Saar, my iPhone 3G is the most used gadget, and best of all it get free updates with new features every so often.

I used to have nothing but Nokia's, but they've been a bit 'buggy' over the last few years, and nothing on the market compares to the quality/funtionality of the iPhone. my father has the new HTC with I believe the google software (but he'd rather have an iPhone - but Vodafone doesn't have it yet!)

Other favorite gadget has to be a DSLR camera.


I think the bottle opener on my keychain is my most useful gadget!
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Mua hah ah ah ah a hah ahahahahahaaaaaaaa
It's one of my fav part of my the swiss army knive I mentioned earlier too, Scott !
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I'm very satisfied with my 120GB Zune. I enjoy the interface much more than I ever did iTunes and I have almost 10 times the music on it (so far) than I EVER did on my iPod. Its just more fun to use.
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ScottC wrote:I think the bottle opener on my keychain is my most useful gadget!

Now that's a gadget I'm missing

That will go perfectly with the mug techguy suggested.
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I enjoy and use my iPhone 3G all day. Critical to my business communication.

My favourite gadget is still my Hunting Bow.
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Ho ho..ho..ho....

Christmas comes early this year especially for ya iPhone drones.

Remember Nokia web server ? That turn your cell into webserver ?
Somebody top that. Now you could not only turn your cell into a webserver... you can have CM bloody S on it !

Check this out.

And yesss... finnaly iPhone MIGHT be useful.
Mua hah ah ah ah ah ah ahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Why have I never heard anything about this? That is VERY impressive!

Damnit! I can't get a free upgrade for another year!
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The best camera result for cellphone is Sony Ericson i only use and preferred Sony Ericson.