Windows 7 SysAid Romote Control

I am currently on v7.5.03 and I have had no problems what so ever. The remote features works to all my client computers.
Any word on this. I am trying to remote control Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, and have had no luck.
We're getting the same thing - the "new" tool spends more time disconnecting then it does staying connected. Today's issue which has just about pushed me over the top with this product is I used the Direct Connect and anywhere I clicked on the user's desktop, the pointer would be landing inches away ... trying to click on an icon would keep "missing" the target.

I finally just gave up and verbally walked the user through the issue.

This version is no better.
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Problems here with Remote Control too - ever since they added the 'Remote Control Gateway' the Direct Connection method has been playing up and we're getting fed up with it to be honest. Why did they add the RCG? It's a hell of a lot less capable than the Direct Connect option.

I can't connect using the Directct option at all - keeps telling me "There was a problem disabling nagle's algorithm' !! See attached screenshot.
I am also having issues, even with mirror driver installed, the user accepts the connection then absolutely nothing happens.

I am on 8.1.02

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Us as well. I can Remote Cotrol (Either method) a win 7 64 bit after I disable UAC.
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I have also verified there is an issue on the Win7 x64 (only have 1) UAC was off

All my Win7 x86 machines are working, just fine

uninstalled the agent 8.1.01 and installed 7.5.05 and the direct connect does work
re-installed 8.1.01 does not work

did connect once..while viewing firewall setting.... trying reproduce

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