SysAid 5.6 Beta Version is Now Available - UPDATED STATUS OF THE BETA - see inside

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Obelix wrote:About the chart label bugs..
I don't think scaling is the problem. The proportion is cool already.

Really? check out this attached screenshot, I agree about your idea of using a legend for the access labels though
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Hi Everyone,

I would like to update you all on the progress of our Beta release of 5.6:

We released it on Nov 4th and in the past week it seems that over 100 of our trusted pathfinders have installed the upgrade !

Actually I can even share with you that while we were all waiting for your inputs on the Beta release, prepared to fix them as quickly as possible - we found ourselves with some "free" time due to practically no reports on 5.6 new feature issues that need fixing !
We did get good inputs from some of you that all seems to be working fine ! so that indeed helped re-assure us a bit (I invite more of you to share with us that fact that you upgraded and found everything functioning properly)

With the "free" time above, we hurried to add some more small features and of course some more fixes we had planned and we are planning to release a second Beta (5.6.02) next week with these new issues.

I would like to thank you all for your help, and would appreciate the same level of participation in the patch we will release next week.

You are truly our pioneers and get to enjoy ,influence and participate in how SysAid grows and becomes what it is today! Thanks to your help - Tens of thousands of our SysAiders will be also be able to enjoy the new Official release which is planned for the end of November.

Thanks Again !

Oded Moshe
SysAid - Product Manager
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techguy wrote:
Obelix wrote:About the chart label bugs..
I don't think scaling is the problem. The proportion is cool already.

Really? check out this attached screenshot, I agree about your idea of using a legend for the access labels though

Yeah I was wondering what to do with the charts as well. To small......
We don't use them at all..

Kind regards,
Take a look at my 3D creations and here is a little animation I made
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Tech Guy...
And that is my screen shot...
See ? Proportion. Those empty space is there because the height and number of charts are maintained. If it goes wider it has to go higher too... we could end up with two charts for one screen.
So scaling is no problem. Layout is.

Ay... charts are cool. For field support or behind desk manager. It lets you see things you can't see in SR views.
Only pitfall is... users must use the system (sysaid) or else the charts won't match the reality and you will come to wrong conclusion.

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You're right about that Obilix.

Kind regards,
Take a look at my 3D creations and here is a little animation I made

Excuse me for the blackout in the past few weeks...... (Personal issues).
anyway, I am back now and i had tome yo try out your new beta.
looks good, i like the dashboard filters! And the quick access too.

So far I didn't run into any issues - I upgraded our production environment last week.

I will kelp you posted if I encounter anything.

I'm running with the 5.6.01 beta version and just discovered that I cannot edit software properties anymore (both Mozilla and IE7).

When will this be fixed?
SysAid CEO

Hello HNeumann,

We will be happy to investigate the reported issue but we are not quit sure what is missing or not working please upload a screenshot and please provide information.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

When I try to download the update it tells me that my account has expired?
Of course I could sign up again with a different email address but I dont want 2 accounts.
Can someone tell me why this is happening?
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my feedback on 5.6.02

In this release we improved and fixed few additional things:
• Aligning the SR Quick Access field to the left right after the tool bar buttons - ok
• Remove HTML tags from the Sr's message - not quite there yet, but a definate improvement inline stylesheets till show and if you forward the message as an instant message, all the html tags still show.

• Correction in the calculation of the average in the satisfaction by category report (null related) - ah yes, this report never did make sense till now.
• An option to disable notification when assigning SR to yourself and to submit user - great no more duplicate notifications!
• Additional downloads available in the download page: MSI, Linux and Mac agents with links to installation instructions of each
• Print all CIs in the CI list page and not just CIs in status active. - not used by us
• Button of Search by SR ID looked corrupted in some resolution
• Asset list customize is not working in case that there are quotes inside the string - didn't know about this one.
• Fixed the alert PNG image which was not displayed properly in IE6 - cool
• Fixing "View your old Service Requests" screen GUI layout - do you mean this issue ?
• Fix the SR messages dialog that jump behind the screen (only in IE7) - hooray! been waiting for this one for a while

Many thanks for fixing some more bugs.

So "Remove HTML tags from the Sr's message" needs a bit more work as detailed above.

So Oded do you still plan to do "a special patch right after we release" that you talked about, which would resolve even more of the other issues I highlighted earlier in this thread, or is that it now until you decide to do another major version?

I can't believe the firstname last name bug in the assigned to field still isn't fixed though - it surely isn't more than 2 minutes work to change it so it displays the persons name the right way round!

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Sorry to burst the bubble, but NO MAJOR ISSUES FOUND is not the case. Should read: DO NOT UPGRADE if you are using multiple LDAP connections and/or your users logon with DOMAIN\username.

Reference SR 165408, included below for informational purposes (Opened in July, ongoing)

Since I have not received a single peice of useful information in 4 months, I am going to assume that this affects everyone using LDAP. If that is not the case, I would be happy to hear ANY feedback from anyone that has a similar environment (Windows 2003, IIS Integration, SSL via IIS, SQL2005, 7 AD domains (actually 30, but we have not been able to integrate the other 23 due to ongoing LDAP problems in SysAid), custom logon page only, minor changes to the translations file).

Basically, if a user's name starts with the letters b, t, d or r (lowercase), said user will no longer receive emails after this upgrade. Prior to this upgrade in version 5.5.06, these users simply suffered with "most" everything not working for them due problems related to ongoing LDAP problems. Now this "upgrade" has made the product is completely useless for them.

This is a long line of problems related to LDAP that seem to continue to be overlooked, ignored or "magically fixed" by either closing the SR or telling us they will be addressed in a future release. So tired of hearing that from software vendors... After 15 months of frustration, we are simply defeated and I honestly don't care if you ever fix this or any other issue.

So what now...

- Back to 5.5.06 for the time being
- Back to wishing I did not pay our maintenance this year
- Back to wishing I had spent my nearly 5K elsewhere (not to mention the 15 months wasted on this product, and the upcoming cost to get rid of it)
- Back to the drawing board for a helpdesk product (suggestions are welcome)

I can only add that you should seriously take note of the comments on this thread. FEATURES ARE NICE, but continuing failures in the core of your product will always overshadow those features for those of us that have been around and stuck with it.

Done venting. Thanks for reading. Original SR below for information purposes only

SR 165408
Title: Numerous bugs
Description: Over the past few months we have uncovered multiple bugs within the system. Some of which I have posted to your helpdesk. None of the ongoing bugs have been resolved. I now believe the reason the bugs still exist is because the actual cause of the problem has not been clear. Here is a quick list of the issues that are hampering us:

1. When closing tickets, administrators are asked if they would like the ticket assigned to them before closing even though the ticket is already assigned to them.
2. F11 will not log some users on
3. Emails are not sent to some users
4. Invalid charicters show when sending messages to some users
5. Some users cannot attach/connect their assets to tickets

Here is why:

We are using LDAP accross multiple domains. As you know, users are required to logon as DOMAIN\username. The problem seems to appear if the users name starts with


The problem does not appear if the users username starts with a capital letter, only lowercase. We believe that when Sysaid processes usernames that start with the above it interprets them as JAVA commands thus creating all of these bugs.

Try this:

In LDAP mode,
Create a user in AD named ryan
Logon as DOMAIN\ryan
Open a ticket
Logon as an administrator
Open the ticket
Click Actions "Send Message"
Notice that the user specified to recieve the message is NOT DOMAIN\ryan, but DOMAINyan?

Try this:

In LDAP mode,
Create and Administrator named DOMAIN\brett
Create a ticket and assign it to DOMAIN\brett
Logon as DOMAIN\brett
Open the ticket created previously
Change the status to "closed"
Note the message? It was already assigned to DOMAIN\brett
Click yes.
Notice that now it is not assigned to anyone?

If you need more examples let us know. The bottom line is that I believe there is something missing that tells the application that you are passing a usrename and NOT a JAVA command...

Of course the workaround is to change the users username to CAPITAL letters in AD, but that is not an acceptable solution for us long term.
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Dear Lighthouse,

First of all I would like to say that we are always welcoming any kind of input as we believe that by listening to our users is the best way to improve SysAid.
This is one of the reasons we have the SysAid community as another channel where our users can contact us and express their opinion.

Your case was not overlooked, over the past few months since this issue was reported we have investigated the issue and added a few fixes to SysAid, which did not fully resolved this issue and since of your unique environment, we were not able to completely re-produce the issue locally.

In your service request, you suggested your help in resolving this issue. we would be glad to continue and investigating your environment with our senior support team and development team and we will make all the efforts to include the fix for this issue in the official 5.6 version.

We will contact you today in order to schedule a remote control session with you to resolve this issue.

Best regards.
Pushing IT forward
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hi techguy,

i want to answer to your questions in the screen-shoot above:
1. i am agree with you that there is a space next to the chart and we are not taken advantage of it , it is a known issue and we are working on it , But i want to mention that you can open each chart in Full screen at the Dashboard page then you should get a clear view.
2. about the open service request per month chart, the chart shows the years 2005, 2007 only because we could not show all the labels in the x-axis. So we are skipping one label each time , if we displaying all the labels then it will stick to each other and the chart will be distorted.
3. in the highest values charts there is hint when you move the mouse at the columns you got a hint that displaying the category name that could be very tall sometimes , if you look at the "Active Service Requests by Category" chart you will see that this hint it shows the numbers, the problem here that we have one hint and we take advantage of it to get the dashboard more clearly and displayed more good! maybe a could solution is to display the category and the number together in the hint?
right now i am sugesting to view this chart in the full screen to get more details.

thanks for your notes and we are taking it very seriously.
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Just a Quick update,
We just released Beta 5.6.03 fixing an issue related to the notification of submit users.
Pathfinders will receive an email with the full details.

Haim - Not sure what to think about this. "not able to completely re-produce the issue locally". A) that was good information 4 months ago when I offered to help and B) not exactly the same message the helpdesk is sending out...

This is the message I most recently received -- "The situation which you have described was verified as a known issue in our current version. Our Research & Development team is working on resolving the matter. When we release a new version, including a fix to this issue, you will certainly be notified."

Which was followed by -- "Currently we are checking this Issue with our Senior Support and you should have a answer definitely next week."

Not entirely sure what to believe.

Oded - 5.6.03 fixes issues with submit users, but does not fix any issues with administrators. Administrators are still not receiving notifications.

Sysaid - The bottom line is that we are rolled back to 5.5.06. I am happy to provide you a test server in our environment, because I can reproduce this behavior over and over again. I can grant you access so you can see it for yourself.

I realize that my posts seem pretty negative and may even be counterproductive, but there are three things that are just eating me about SysAid and Ilient.

1. I feel that I am only now getting attention on this issue because I posted it to the forums. Had I simply continued to update the tickets, I believe the issue would continue to be ignored.

2. I get the impression that users get the same support channel whether they have the paid version or the free version. While in a lot of ways I think that is a good decision, and quite unique, in other ways I am disappointed to know that paying for maintenance/support on your product simply means "paying for upgrades". It is more disappointing when the very features that are broken are those that you actually "pay" to get in the Full Edition...

3. You don't seem to internally test your software in all of your "supported" environments before you release an update. If my envronment is so "unique" then why is everything I listed in my previous post actually touted as "features" for the full version? See for yourself. LDAP, check. MSSQL, check. IIS, check. Windows support, check. Don't get me wrong, relying on Pathfinders is a good idea, but it is not a substitute for you testing your software in the environments that you support and I had the priveledge of paying for.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this.