Windows 7 - Where do you stand?

Windows 7 - Where do you stand?
I can't wait to replace Vista! 44% [ 67 ]
I'll wait awhile before I implement Windows 7 37% [ 56 ]
I'll stick with XP 14% [ 22 ]
It's definitely going to be another Microsoft flop 3% [ 4 ]
Hey - what's wrong with Vista? 3% [ 4 ]
Total Votes: 153
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We at SysAid haven’t been the only ones busy preparing for a major release – on October 22, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows, Windows 7. Bill Gates promised Newsweek that Windows 7 will be more “user-centric” and will focus on “performance improvements.” Many SysAiders, especially those disappointed with Vista’s performance, aren’t so sure. SysAid Community discussion threads are full with concerns about this next version of Microsoft.

Rene Rijk: “We’ll stick to XP as long as possible. Vista is bad and Windows 7 is way too early to implement.”

Defector: “Microsoft has listed Windows 7 as a minor release. Makes me think they brought out a poorly functioning product, applied tons of patches, and TA-DA! We have Windows 7.”

Lev: “Vista didn’t prove itself and there is no reason to upgrade.”

Other SysAiders take a more enthusiastic approach towards Windows 7 and have even enlisted as Windows Beta testers.

Dallen.heath: “I believe that a jump from Vista to 7 is going to happen. I love Vista and if you don’t, you’re not using it right.”

AtomicDon: “I’m currently using Windows 7 Beta on my machine, and it seems to run great on a gig of RAM and an older PC I was able to claim for testing purposes.”

Brian Martin:
“I went from XP to Win 7 and the performance is as good or even better than the XP install I had on here before.”

So ... Windows 7. Where do you stand?

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First , i must say I'll stick with XP ... as long as i can
sooner or later the 64bit will kill XP juit like 95vb and 98 32bit software killed the 486 processor
but on the other hand i've beta tested win7 and its "better" than Vista, they moved things back where you would assume it should be
A lot of it has to do with the MIN system requirements

i have 2 systems that Vista works great on (quad core processor, 6 G memory)....of course it works
but at work we have it on several single code 3Ghz with less that 1 g memory......JUNK - but XP works great on that size system

But i JUST DONT SEE all the benefits of Vista or win7...compared to XP
except that it lets Computer Users run a computer more secure, with little setup

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SysAid Wiz
Besides the 64 bit thing... IP v6 would change everything once the hardware vendors lean on it.

A better analogy I think was like leaping from win 3.1 to win 95... question is.. would win 7 embrace 32 and 64 bit the way win 95 do 16 and 32 bit ?
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Hi All,

On our work laptops (IT guys) we have win 7 already.
In the organization those are the only machines running this OS

Win7 is a good OS but there are a few apps that run only on XP so we can't upgrade. IE8 is also a part of it.

The upgrade requires a new hardware for a lot of computers\replacing the PC's. We will have to pay for hardware and not only the OS.
My T60 is running Win7 but I can't say it's better than XP in speed.

Win7 is a good looking, more secure, more customizable ... . XP is more simple.

Active directory on win 2008 DC and Win7 have much more policies like USB storage devices we all love in the organization.

There are some advantages starting from vista like "event forwarding" that can help IT know about problems before
they affect PC's like DISK events. I looooove disk events - when we need to reinstall\recover PC's.

There are apps that don't run on Win7 like they should\at all, drivers ..... I didn't find drivers for T60 - installed drivers for Vista ...
Works? Yes Can be better? I think so.

I think upgrade is needed but not in all cost. Step by step - no hurry, not this year anyway.

Most important how can we upgrade if Sysaid doesn't support Win7 completely? Only after Sysaid I need it working !
Where's the option for 'Already using Windows 7'? I'd be in that category, along with quite a lot of people at our company.

It's a great OS. Very stable, surprisingly few incompatable applications, and even with those 'compatability mode' is a lot more reliable than in Vista. We're very impressed with it. The users love it. Not much else to say really.

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Elite SysAider
I'll just wait for SP1...

If I recall the past, every MS OS was useable after (at least) SP1. So I'll just sit here and wait (while everything runs fine).
I definitely will skip Vista and use seven (the compatibility mode is quite cool, remembers me kind of emulating OS9 in the early OS X variants )...

But before upgrading our OS, I think I got to renew most of our IT euqipment here...

best regards,

Super SysAider
I've been using Windows 7 64-bit since the beta, and have the RC running on my home computer now. I've been too lazy to install the actual released version so far but it's sitting on my desk! I have to say that I think Windows 7 is fantastic. I didn't mind Vista too much but it was sluggish at times and just felt like it was making life harder not easier. That's all gone from Windows 7, which feels slick, fast and enjoyable to use. No doubt businesses will be slow to upgrade from XP but I think it will happen because Windows 7 has been stable and reliable right from the beta and it runs quite comfortably on low-end machines, even better than XP, perhaps.

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At the risk of being flamed, let me say that in my honest opinion, MS still hasn't got it. The indexing feature completely sucks and is a major hand brake. The interface is improved, and it is a trifle more stable than Vista, but it still doesn't excite me. I still spend to much time under the hood trying to make it work - application and OS.

Whisper - if you were to ask my preference - open source if you like to play, Apple if you like to work - quickly.
Super SysAider
I was going to pretend-flame you for fun but I don't have the energy. Each to their own, I suppose, although I find myself tinkering under the hood with Windows 7 much less than with Vista. Maybe that's just because I was already so familiar with Vista. I've also had a play with Ubuntu and quickly got bored (and that's not even real Linux!) and my brother's got Mac OSX Snow Leopard, which is undeniably nice but I actually found it frustrating to use to perform some simple tasks I do daily in Windows, even with my Apple fanboy brother showing me how 'easy' it supposedly was (he never did manage to replicate the functionality I wanted).

I guess we each like what we like. I love Google Chrome but I know lots of people hate it. That's a different topic, I suppose.
Hi Phil: I agree each to their own - I guess that it is just a question of flavour preference at the end of the day. I find Apple pretty intuitive and easy to use. I have been using Win7 for about 5 or 6 months, maybe longer and whilst there are some things that I like, there are many that I dislike. One of them being tweaking - I really don't have time for it and I find that MS expects their users to tweak. Another thing that I dislike about MS systems is the constant bandwidth cost in the sense that they are constantly patching their systems - I don't like that at all.

Aside: On your browser comment, although there are one or two features about IE8 that I like, I have to agree, that at the moment in the Windows environment, Chrome is probably the better browser to use at this point.



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We got Windows7 when it became available on technet and have been running it ever since. We've also been running the Server 2008R2 since release and have had 0 problems and are very pleased with both operating systems.
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Finally getting rid of ALL XP machine as a directive.
Elite SysAider
cooperspc wrote:Finally getting rid of ALL XP machine as a directive.

WOW were has the time gone (win10 we love you?)- still trying to get rid of all the XP machine ... on the better note.. JUST got rid of LAST win 3.1 machine this year
YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.. last test equipment running window 3.1 (installed 1994) with VB3 code removed in 2021. I bet that is older than MANY of the IT professional.
SysAid Wiz
MMMMH, I started my job in IT in 1989 .......