101 Features and 2 New Modules: SysAid 6.5 Just Around the Corner!

SysAid Marketing
It's finally November, and the wait is almost over! On November 10, you'll be able to upgrade to the next generation of SysAid with the official release of SysAid 6.5. Our SysAid Pathfinders have provided us with valuable feedback during the past few weeks, and their responses are overwhelmingly positive: SysAid 6.5 is a hit!

For this month's newsletter, I was asked to pick my favorite SysAid 6.5 feature. As dozens of different possibilities immediately popped into mind, I was surprised by how hard it was for me to settle on one. I laughed when I saw my colleagues similarly struggle with the question. After a few moments of silence, they invariably responded, "Just one?"

This not only reflects our pride in the new release; it also stems from the fact that with 101 new features, it's difficult to identify just one that makes SysAid 6.5 special. As for me, I consider the new SysAid Chat module a truly significant addition to SysAid's helpdesk capabilities. Its chat functionalities - specially designed for your dynamic IT environment - will transform the way you communicate with your end-users and dramatically improve your efficiency.

With two brand-new modules, enhancements to nearly every functionality, and many features that you personally requested, there's definitely something for everyone in SysAid 6.5!

To see how you can personally benefit from SysAid 6.5's new capabilities, join us on November 11 for a free online webinar, Introduction to SysAid 6.5. In this webinar, SysAid Director of Product Management Oded Moshe will give you a virtual tour of SysAid 6.5. With online demonstrations, real-life scenarios, and thorough explanations of the new features, this webinar is an important opportunity for you to see how SysAid 6.5 can improve your IT performance.

As you wait for the official release of SysAid 6.5, I also invite you to learn more about the IT industry's first-ever benchmarking module, SysAid IT Benchmark. This extraordinary measurement tool - completely unique to SysAid - helps you analyze your IT activities and identify the specific factors that influence your performance. Beneficial for managers and admins alike, the IT Benchmark does the job no IT consultant ever could, simply because it's always up-to-date - automatically and free of charge in every edition of SysAid!

This November, we're also offering the fifth round of the SysAid Certificati on Program. Providing an in-depth exploration of SysAid's internals and capabilities, this course will also show you how to maximize the new features of SysAid 6.5. Register now - space is limited!

We're exactly one week away from the official release of SysAid 6.5, and I'm happy to say that the next generation of SysAid promises to be one full of feature-rich functionality and greater IT efficiency!

To learn more about SysAid 6.5 and what else is happening here at SysAid, check out the November SysAid Newsletter!