Do you have Toshiba workstations / Laptops ? please help us out !

SysAid R&D
Dear SysAiders,

I would like to use this Lab forum to ask for your help with the following issue:
We try to identify leading manufacturers that can be trusted and use their serial number as a unique ID in SysAid.
We would like to add Toshiba to the list and need your assistance in trying to find out as many formats as possible that Toshiba registers themselves in the Windows Registry.

If you have Toshiba laptops/workstations and they are listed under your asset management, please reply to this post with the results:

1. Access the your Toshiba asset from the asset list.
2. Go to the URL that appears on your browser and Change the CompInfo.jsp to CompXML.jsp
3. This will show you the XML that is returned from this asset.
4. Now search for the row containing <agen:smbiosSystemManufacturer> and please post the results here.

Example results:
<agen:smbiosSystemManufacturer>Dell Inc.</agen:smbiosSystemManufacturer>

Example screenshot attached as well

Thanks for your assistance !

SysAid Wiz

Is this what you are looking for?

If you need any more details let me know and I will try again!


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SysAid R&D

Thanks for your help. You sent us the needed information.
We will use it in the nearest agent's version.

If you will find any other assets with different way of writing the Toshiba brand name please let us know.

SysAid VP Product
Thanks BJINS,

Were are all the other SysAiders.....?
I would appreciate your assistance on Asaf's call to help......

It will take only a few seconds of your time and will help us make sure we cover this issue properly

Thanks again


SysAid Mod
Here are some of mine!!!!

<agen:smbiosSystemModel>TECRA A3</agen:smbiosSystemModel>

<agen:smbiosSystemModel>TECRA A8</agen:smbiosSystemModel>

<agen:smbiosSystemModel>TECRA A3X</agen:smbiosSystemModel>

<agen:smbiosSystemModel>TECRA A2</agen:smbiosSystemModel>

<agen:smbiosSystemModel>Satellite A10</agen:smbiosSystemModel>

I hope this helps!!!!!