Can I send the survey when the SR is Verified Closed instead of Closed?

I need to have the survey link sent when the ticket is moved to verified closed instead of closed. So far, in the "Email body to end user regarding a Service Request" section I have tried changing...

#if(${isClosedSR}==true && ${LinkToSurvey} && ${LinkToSurvey}!="" )

#if(${isVerifiedClosedSR}==true && ${LinkToSurvey} && ${LinkToSurvey}!="" )
#if(${isVerifiedSR}==true && ${LinkToSurvey} && ${LinkToSurvey}!="" )

But neither worked.

I'm using the full version - v5.1.08

Does anyone know if this is possible or if I'm on the right track?

SysAid Wiz
Hello Romei.
Welcome to the SysAid community.

I'm not completely sure what is the exact syntax, but I asked our R&D department to give you an answer tomorrow.

Best regards
Pushing IT forward
Thank you for the welcome and for the support. I've recently landed a position as a sys admin for an organization that has been using SysAid for a few years now so I'm sure you'll be seeing me more in here.

Thanks again, and I look forward to the R&D folks reply.

SysAid R&D
hi romei,

it is possible, the if sentence should include a test of the SR's status so if the status is verified closed then should enable sending the link of survey.

go to page Customized Notifications and add this to the if sentence inside "Email body to end user regarding a Service Request" :

&& ${Status} && ${Status}=="Verified closed"

so the if sentence will be like this:

#if(${isClosedSR}==true && ${LinkToSurvey} && ${LinkToSurvey}!="" && ${Status} && ${Status}=="Verified closed")
Please fill out this Survey: ${LinkToSurvey}

(remember it is case sensitive and you could change the Verified closed to any other closed status and be aware of translations problem - if status is in gibberish you should write it in gibberish to work)

Best regards

Worked like a charm. You guys are awesome!!!

Thanks a million