Embedding SysAid Chat in Any Website - December Tip

SysAid CEO
We in the SysAid support team have been using online chat as a communication channel for years, but now that we've implemented the new SysAid Chat module, we've benefited from an entirely new set of features and capabilities. SysAid Chat is an easy and intuitive way to communicate with end-users, and it gives you all the information and tools you need to provide high-quality service in one place.

To encourage your end-users to contact you via SysAid Chat, I recommend that you make SysAid Chat available in web pages outside of the End-User Portal. Following a few simple steps, you can embed a customized chat icon anywhere you want in any website's interface - even your external website - as seen below.

To embed SysAid Chat in a website:

1. Go to Preferences --> Chat Settings --> Chat Queue. If you have more than one queue, select the one you would like to make available in the website.

2. Find the "Script to embed in websites" box. Copy the script.

3. In the webpage, paste the script where you would like it to appear.

With the script we provide, the default SysAid Chat icon will appear on the website. You can easily upload your own customized images by choosing "Offline Image" and "Online Image."

In the SysAid spirit of "IT's that Simple," it now really is that simple to communicate in the world of IT!