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There has been some excellent information posted here over the last few weeks, some of which has never been documented before,
So I have started this thread to highlight them,

  • The syntax for sending a different email body when a request is closed -

  • SysAid Tip - Monitoring without SysAid monitoring module... -

  • Customising "Assigned to" Field -

  • Can I send the survey when the SR is Verified Closed instead of Closed? -

  • Prohibit to close a SR without resolution and solution -

  • Links from the email notification to the relevant SR -

  • Setting up single sign on -

  • Help with filtering syntax -

  • add additional/removing fields to the "submit service request" page in the end user portal
  • How I can change the Service Requests filter in end user portal?

  • One users implementation of CMDB -

  • How to configure SSL encryption (https) for SysAid -

  • How to add Pdf/doc files to knowledge base/Self Service -

  • How to customize your pages in SysAid- by Obelix -

  • Batch 2:-

  • SysAid Tip - Upgrading the SysAid Agent without Re-Deployment -

  • Did you know you can use a % character as wild card in the expression filter? - you do now! taken from -

  • Routing Based on Urgency -

  • How to make your active status filter always show ALL items with a class of open -

  • how to create e-mail warning for an impending ticket to be escalated automatically -

  • Ways of Reporting on Service Breaches based on Due date instead -

  • how to prevent sysaid from importing disabled users in from ldap -

  • enabling the CC email addresses that aren't users feature (vendor tech support, etc) -

  • Batch 3
  • Change the categories in the top level charts of the manager portal -

  • Send a different E-mail based on different escalation rules -

  • Sending email alerts for multiple admins -

  • How to display Enabled users only on the User Management Page -

  • How Ignore emails with subject match to (regular expression) -

  • Modifying the top menu bar -

  • Tip: How to install SysAid agent with a Ghost image. -

  • filter the users imported in ldap integration to only those in a certain group -

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    SysAid Wiz
    Great thread.

    I'm moving it to the FAQ, adding it as a sticky and i will remember to keep this post updated.

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    Thanks for the effort.

    Kind regards,
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    SysAid Wiz
    This is one of the things I had in mind when I said I'm gonna take this community thing to the next level...

    To the top 10 !
    *raise a dead cold mug of beer and roar*

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    Great compilation work by Techguy. Really appreciate it.
    SysAid Wiz
    Your welcome, we have now broken through the 10 barrier so I am bumping this thread.
    SysAid Wiz
    I have added some more top topics see batch 2 in the first post above.
    Good work !

    I have to admit, that reading this post I have learned a few new things myself !

    SysAid Wiz
    Batch 3 has been added to the first post.
    Thats Nice Post for new member in this forum
    Some of this info is really old. Might be time for a fresh one!