Minor Release SysAid 6.5.08 is Now Available

SysAid Marketing
We're happy to announce that SysAid 6.5.08, a new minor release, is now available. The major release of SysAid 6.5 went so smoothly that there were very few major issues that we needed to resolve. In addition to 30 bug fixes, this release provides better support for Apple users: the SysAid Mac agent now supports the attachment of screenshots to service requests as well as Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6 and Mac OS Leopard 10.5. Furthermore, there is a different Mac agent to support earlier versions of Mac OS. These new features enhance the already powerful capabilities of our latest major release, SysAid 6.5. If you haven't yet upgraded to SysAid 6.5 for its 101 new features and 2 exciting new modules, you can get all of those functionalities plus additional bug fixes with this new minor release! Learn more about SysAid 6.5.08 and upgrade now!