What's the Longest Amount of Time You've Taken Off for Vacation?

What's the Longest Amount of Time You've Taken Off for Vacation?
Over a month 18% [ 18 ]
A few weeks 40% [ 40 ]
One week 23% [ 23 ]
A few days 6% [ 6 ]
Vacation? Remind me again what vacation is? 14% [ 14 ]
Total Votes: 101
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For all of you hardworking IT professionals, we hope that the winter holidays provided you with the opportunity to get some much deserved rest and relaxation. In the demanding world of IT, the need to quickly resolve service requests and technical challenges never stops – even when you’re on holiday. For many of you, it’s probably not so easy to pry yourself away from work to enjoy some valuable vacation time. So what's the longest amount of time you've ever taken off?
SysAid Wiz
Now with all notification pipe to mobile devices...
*underpaid, underappreciated, burned out, haven't slep for many moons, sleepy garfield kinda IT geek stare*

What vacation ?
SysAid Wiz
It depends what you class as a vacation. I have yet to go on vacation from my current job, without working. I constantly pick up emails. So if by vacation you mean, not been at the office, then a couple of weeks. If you mean not done any work, never! =(

When the going gets tough, the tough get SysAid
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7 month after a bike accident!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't think you can top that


Best Regards,
SysAid Mod
You should have practiced more before getting on or was it a case of looking at the beautiful girl on the sidewalk?? Not that you would ever tell!!!

Elite SysAider
Hi there,

6 weeks in 2009 and "unfortunatelly" no Blackberry access (what a pity) ...

Maybe I can arrange a trip to Patagonia, I've heard they still have troubles covering all areas with GPRS - so there is still a chance for silence at last

Super SysAider
I did three and a half weeks in India late 08 / early 09 and funnily enough didn't take any tech with me