Riddle Challenge

Hello SysAiders,

This month we added a new item to the newsletter: [url=https://www.sysaid.com/newsletter-35.htm#7]a riddle[/url] . This item was designed to add a bit of fun and challenge to your day. I hope that you enjoy it and if you have any riddles of your own, we'd be happy to hear them! Let the games begin!

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What a trouble! *sweat blood*

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Something wrong with the answer - it doesnt mention the puppies being on the bus!!
SysAid Mod
Got it!!! Yeah!!!

Here is an interesting one.

Draw a picture of how you would plant 12 trees in 6 rows with 4 trees in each row.

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...do I win anything?

A disgruntled jailer in a circular prison with 100 cells decides to free some prisoners. At night, he runs around the prison and turns the keys in the prison doors while the prisoners are sleeping. The first time around, he turns the key in each door, unlocking them all. The second time around, he turns the key in every other door, locking half of the ones he just unlocked. The third time around, he turns the key in every third door unlocking some and locking others. He goes around the prison 100 times and collapses as the sun rises. How many prisoners find their cells unlocked in the morning?
Andrew Keppel
"if it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid"
The answer to this riddle will be published when we send out the next newsletter - see you then!

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Hey Barak,

I got the answer. It was a big number which I know you don't want me to publish here!!!
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Here is one...

imagine an empty elevator on the ground floor.
6 mathematicians are walking in and heading for the second floor.
on the second floor 9 mathematicians are leaving the elevator.
how many mathematicians have to enter the elevator on the third floor so that the elevator is empty?

The answer seems to be simple, but try to visualize this

best regards