How do you dispatch your service requests ?

How do you dispatch your service requests ?
Automatically - Using routing and escalation rules 51% [ 43 ]
Manually 49% [ 41 ]
Total Votes: 84
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How do you dispatch your service requests ?

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SysAid Wiz
We use both methods although mostly manual. For area that one of use is specialist in we auto route the calls but that is a small number of rules and everything else is manually. As we have a tiny support team and we find it works best for us.

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Super SysAider
We route everything that comes in. We also have a small support staff but because they have different skill sets we have identified our categories within those areas and route them accordingly.
Elite SysAider
We are not online yet but we will dispatch manually. ( in most cases)

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There are only 3 of us supporting IT resources as our primary function in our company. I toyed with automatic routing early on in evaluation and implementation of SysAid but since the three of us wear so many different hats there is not much specialization in the end-user support area that makes it necessary to auto-route and escalate at this point. At this point I would simply be routing a support request to myself and perhaps escalating up my list of priorities
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There are three of us in the IS department as well and we do pretty much everything network related. Our stuff is mostly dispatched manually. We basically look at it and say to each other, "Do you want it?" I am curious though, is there a way to disable all caps in the damn messages? I have seen the most ridiculous messages come across in all caps. We usually set those aside until later, depending on who sent it and what it is regarding.
But then this presents me with a moral dilema. Is it wrong to do that to the rude and obnoxious users?
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Dispatching automatically works best for me, since functions of each IT personnel were clearly defined. I'm pretty sure that each service requests were attended properly. Anyway, we conduct shorttalks regularly so we are updated on the status and resolve issues whenever needed. Worry-free IT with SysAid.
SysAid Wiz
I like to dispatch myself, i can some up how long it is going to take and the location of the problem. Also, as far as i am aware there is no capability for SysAid to recognise the number of SR's assinged to each admin and dispatch according to that. So if one tech has 8 jobs going at once but i have none, i can decide to take that SR on even if it is his specialist field, which the router wouldn't be able to do.

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