New Mac (5.5) agent!

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Hello all!

After some time of development and some time of testing, we have finally released the new agent for the Mac systems.
Mac agent version 5.5

You all can find and download it from the following link

The instructions on deploying it are the same as before
(In case you don't know how, just open a service request with us and we will be happy quiding you through it)


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hi All,

right now it is working in Tomcat/5.5.25 or lower.

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When will it be add in the downloads module.
SysAid R&D
hi All,

i have great news to publish, it is not officially released but Tomcat 6.0.18 has been tested with our Mac agent and it is working fine.
if you have other problems in the agent in some of the assets you can also upgrade to sysaid server version 6.0.07 it has fixed also some problems.


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I deployed it to some macs a few weeks ago and it didn't pull some of the mobo information (like serial). also, the F11 hotkey doesn't work, is that correct? Is that something planned for a future release (along with remote control)?
Andrew Keppel
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Hey Andy,

The F11 key is not operational in MAC, i did a quick search and couldn't open feature request on it, so you are welcome to open one if you would like to see it implemented on one of the next releases.

Best regards.
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