Question around email ticket creation


Can someone help me out on the following:

Our customers aren't disciplined enough to send all queries to the support address. So we often get support requests into our personal email addresses. We then forward them to the support address...

Is it possible for Sysaid to recognise that these emails are forwarded from our accounts and thus create a ticket but use the orginating email address as the contact?

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At this time, I do not think that this is possible. My only advice would be changing the request user after the ticket has been forwarded, including this in the process the Admin must carry out.

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Hi sthomas,

If the customer answer the sr back to your email because that is what he sees in the "From" you can change it by setting that emails from SysAid will go out from a certain email address which is the helpdesk email and then when they reply, they reply to the helpdesk email.
In order to do taht please go to Preferences > Integration > Email tab > Fill in the details of your mail server as screenshot and save.

If this isn't the case, and they open sr directly to your email, you can disable the email integration and they will need to login to the End User Portal to open sr.

Also, if they answer to your email, you can forward the email to the same sr instead of opening new one by writing #SR.number in the title.
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We have the same problem...We normally just end up forwarding the email to the helpdesk email account and manually changing who the request is assigned to
This was raised in 2010 - has there been improvements to this process?

I would be nice if "John" emails me directly, I forward to our SysAid email address, it then creates the ticket in John's name from the get-go without me having to change the request user manually.

Is there a setting to enable this now?