Slovenian translation - made by (new version)

New version.

Novejšša verzija prevoda. Dodani so prevodi funkcionalnosti, ki so se pojavljale v SysAid do verzije 6.5.05.

LP, Milan   Dowload directly to my SysAid

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Hi Milan,

Thank you very much for the translation file.
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From the topic for the previous version ( ) regarding how to best type Slovenian characters, as it is still valid for newer versions. One way, as suggested, is to use their Unicode codes:

Č "& #x10C;"
č "& #x10D;"
Š "& #x1E60;"
š "& #x1E61;"
Ž "& #x17D;"
ž "& #x17E;"
Ć "& #x106;"
ć "& #x107;"
Đ "& #x110;"
đ "& #x111;"

The other way is to use a modified US + Slovenian keyboard layout made by Slovenian Translation that allows you to type Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian letters (and the Euro sign) by simply holding right Alt (AltGr) and the corresponding base letter:
AltGr + c = č
AltGr + s = š
AltGr + z = ž
AltGr + d = đ
AltGr + t = ć
AltGr + e = €
AltGr + 5 = €

To get upper case, just combine it with Shift or CapsLock

The main benefit is that all letters and punctuation marks are where you are used them to be. Additionally, there are no conflicts within applications that expect US layout. Works flawlessly for me.