Poll of the Month: How Much Do You Work from Home?

How much do you work from home?
Evenings, weekends, holidays ... I constantly work from home! 31% [ 34 ]
I often put in extra hours when things need to get done 38% [ 42 ]
Only sometimes when it's an emergency 21% [ 23 ]
I don't work from home at all 10% [ 11 ]
Total Votes: 110
SysAid Marketing
We all know that a career in IT is a demanding one, and unfortunately, technical malfunctions and support emergencies don't only occur in the comfortable nine-to-five timeframe of a standard workday. It's entirely possible that you've performed midnight remote control sessions from your own living room and often wrap up service requests while watching some TV in the evening. Others of you may put in enough hours in the office that once you leave work, your time at home is your own to enjoy as you see fit. So this month, we want to know:

How much do you work from home? Answer our poll and add your two cents!