SysAid Tip - How to transform a service request info an FAQ

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A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of SysAid Customer Service and Support Team

We all know too well the service requests that simply repeat themselves: every now and again almost all your end users seem to encounter the very same problem, and each of them seeks your help, individually. Answering each end user individually is a crazy and unnecessary work. SysAid saves your time: after reading this tip, you will only have to answer the recurring question once!
Here is how to do this:

1. First, you need to enable self-service for your users. This is a useful thing to do in any case. Go to Preferences -> End User Portal, and check the box ‘Enable Self Service (FAQ)’.
2. Now, go to Help Desk, and click the row entry of a SR you wish to turn into a FAQ.
3. Under the General Details tab you will see an Action called Add to Knowledgebase. Click it.
4. You will be asked to approve the action. Click Yes.
5. A popup screen will open, allowing you to edit the text of the service request and to adjust it as a new FAQ.
6. Choose the radio button ‘Add to End Users’ Self Service.

And that’s all it takes! Now your users can see this service request as an FAQ in their self service.
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hello, i'm trying sysaid trial of full version.
When i try to add a SR to KB i get a JS error:
(that's in italian but should be comprehesible)
It seems there's an arror in some js page, somewhere
any idea?

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Timestamp: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 13:01:19 UTC

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SysAid Wiz
Hello henrycow,
Please contact our support team at so we can further investigate the issue and assist you resolving it.

Pushing IT forward
The Self-service feature is not going to prevent all tickets. Many repeat tickets are from people new to a group, and often new to SysAid, so, they're not going to look at Self Service.

The Auto-suggest feature may even be more helpful in reducing self-servicable tickets. It displays a well highlighted KB entry right in the service request submit form.

Here's my take on enabling it (from the Admin Portal):

Use Preferences / End User Portal
At the end of the End User Portal Settings enable the "Enable automatic suggestions..." option.
Fill in the words to exclude. Here's what I have currently:


Unfortunately, you can't use "can't" (at least in 7.0; haven't been brave enough to try it in 7.5, as it broke the display or something).

The words to exclude are important because if ANY word in the subject does not match the subject or description of the FAQ and is not excluded, then the FAQ will not display.

If a ticket comes in and it appears that the user hasn't been clued into a FAQ, see if there are additional common words that could have been excluded in order to get far enough along as the user was typing to match a KB entry on all non-excluded words.

If there is a unique word that showed up in the submittal that is appropriate for a KB entry, but, you don't have it in the description, add a comment like the following to the KB entry to get a hit:

Alt Keywords: UniqueWord