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I'm trying to run a report for the active requests with the group selection by status. The only options are project names, group, administrator, end user,priority, urgency, company. How can I modify the report to be able to display the active requests per status?

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with great difficulty, because the sysaid reports seem to use hidden predefined fields like {groupingSelectionField}, the list is generated by using ${groupingSelectionDesign}, so the report is not easiliy modified.

Over to the techs from sysaid then ....
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Hello sly_boss.
Welcome to the SysAid community.

Report customization is possible in SysAid full edition with the manager portal.

reports customization requires some programming skills and you can receive all the needed information on how to do it in the manager portal guide which can be found at:

We can also customize the report for you as a custom development project.
For more information, please contact us at with your request and we will provide you with all the information on this option.

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Haim or one of the other sysaid reporting experts, is there any way of editing/seeing these predefined fields I mentioned above like ${groupingSelectionDesign}, ?
could you document a list of all the ones available?
The manual you refer to talks about groovy & velocity, but it does not mention these sysaid specific parameters.
They seem to be hard coded elsewhere in sysaid, am I right?
otherwise a totally new report has to be written as all the query's seem to use these predefined fields in the reports.
If they are compiled in, then I'll put in a feature request for them to be separated out in to an xml file that is accessible or at least viewed!



You can create new reports using iReport - free java based reporting system (

You can then import those reports into Managers portal.

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bbogataj wrote:

You can create new reports using iReport - free java based reporting system (

You can then import those reports into Managers portal.

Thanks, I already do that, my point was that you can't easily tweak the sysaid reports because of these special pre-defined fields. You can easily tweak the layouts, but the source queries are in these hidden fields.
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Techguy, I'm not sure what this variable exactly do, i will ask one of our development guys to give you an answer to this.

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hi All,

first, i have to say that you could use the Custom Filter to get SR's filtered by Status but you have to change also the sql sentence because it getting only the open statuses.

according to your question about making a report that is grouped by status you can simply run the report and in the first page(where you fill the filters of the report) you can use right click to view source of the page then search the words "Group Selection" after that you can see that the variable ${groupingSelectionDesign} was replaced by:

<select name="groupingSelection" class="select01">
<option value="Category">category</option>
<option value="Group">group</option>
<option value="Administrator">administrator</option>
<option value="EndUser">end user</option>
<option value="Priority">priority</option>
<option value="Urgency">urgency</option>
<option value="Company">company</option>

so what you have to do is to add <option value="Status">status</option>

remember that you have to changein the script code of the report to build the sql sentence for the status
start with this:
if (groupingSelection.equals("Status"){
// build the sql

- if you take a look at the priority it will help you, look also at the database to see which fields to use.

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Thanks for all your answers! I think I'm going to contact the since it's a little bit to technical for me. I try to look on how to modify the prompt and script pages but I'm kinda lost...
Thanks again for your replies
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thanks Firass! Could you publish a list of all the builtin fields such as ${groupingSelectionDesign} and their values ?
is their any chance in a future version you could put these in to an xml file so the users can see what they contain, copy them and add their own ones ?
it would make modifying the supplied reports a little bit easier!
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Ok sly_boss here is a step by step on how to make the changes:-

  • Go in to the manager portal

  • Click on design reports

  • Highlight sysaid at the top of the report structure and click on the new folder icon and give it a name like "my customised reports"

  • Click on the group you just created (it seems to show the wrong icon at this point a piece of paper instead of a folder icon, ignore this).

  • Now click the new report icon.

  • Select Choose template

  • Select Active requests.

  • Click save

  • Change the title to "Active Requests with status added"

  • Click on the Prompt tab

  • use control and F to do a search for ${groupingSelectionDesign}

  • delete ${groupingSelectionDesign}and replace it with the line below:-

  • <select name="groupingSelection" class="select01"><option value="Status">status</option><option value="Category">category</option><option value="Group">group</option><option value="Administrator">administrator</option><option value="EndUser">end user</option><option value="Priority">priority</option><option value="Urgency">urgency</option><option value="Company">company</option></select>

  • then click on the script tab

  • add the following line after the rest of the name2Field.put lines

  • name2Field.put("Status", "v.value_caption");
  • find the section that begins:-

  • if (groupingSelection.equals("Urgency") || groupingSelection.equals("Priority")) {
    and go to the end where the 2 brackets }} appear
  • add the lines below after the two }} :-

  • if (groupingSelection.equals("Status")) {
    String listName;
    listName = "status";
    if (dbType.getType()!=DbTypeType.ORACLE_TYPE ) {
    moreJoins = moreJoins + " INNER JOIN cust_values v ON ( v.account_id = r.account_id and v.list_name = '" +
    listName + "' and v.value_key = r." + listName + " ) ";
    } else {
    moreJoins = moreJoins + " , cust_values v ";
    moreWhere = moreWhere + " and v.account_id = r.account_id and v.list_name = '" +
    listName + "' and v.value_key = r." + listName + " ";

  • click ok

  • if you do not want to edit the prompt and script tabs or can't follow my instructions, you can cut and paste in the two text files attached below in to the correct tab, make sure you delete all the text that is in those 2 tabs first before you paste the contents of these ones in.


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    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the man! Your help is more than useful! It works perfectly. You save me a lot of time.
    I am trying to design some reports that are useful to my organisation. The instructions above are from 2008. Could you please update them as they have no bearing on the current version (Build no. v18.1.12 b1) of SysAid.