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There are a number of events in SysAid that can trigger automatic notifications, such as creating a new administrator, assigning a task to an administrator, or when an end user submits a new service record. The Custom Notifications list allows you access these notification, and reset the notification text to the default text.


For general instructions for using list pages in SysAid, see Using SysAid Lists.


To edit notifications


To return a notification to the SysAid default

  1. Select the notification(s) you want to reset.
  2. Click Return to Default.
  3. When prompted, click Yes.

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You can also use the following tags to get the custom list 1/2:

As opposed to ${sr.custList1} and ${sr.custList2}, which return the item key value, these will return the caption.
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The Asset variables that are shown in the above post doesn't work in version 7.5x and below. Here's you'll find a list of the correct variables:

Building: ${sr.getAsset().building}
Floor : ${sr.getAsset().floor}
Name: ${sr.getAsset().computerName}
UpdateTime: ${sr.getAsset().updateTime}
Ip-Address: ${sr.getAsset().ipAddress}
Asset : ${Computer}

Keep in mind, that this will work only if you have an asset associated with actual service request. You can add the following IF statement and show the below variables when the assets is indeed associated :
#if( ${sr.getAsset()} )
--enter your required variables here--

Best Regards.

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when i use either Department: ${ReqUser.department} or Location: ${ReqUser.location} instead of the text i get the coresponding Key of the value (i.e. 1, 2 ...)

how can i make it show the text instead of the Key Value ?!?

Thanks !
Anyone ... an idea !??!?!
Elite SysAider
I have the same question. This is very important to us.
I want to populate the data captured in custom fields that had been created through Customize> Entities> Service Requests. How would that be done? Thanks for any insight.
I have successfully edited both the subject and body text of end user notifications to meet my needs.

However, body text comes up blank on the user's end. It is the same for all end users. The subject line is perfect; and the timing of e-mails is perfect.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue of blank body text appearing?
SysAid Customer Success Manager

Probably you have done some error in the customization please contact us and we will be glad to assirt you with.
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Dear Lisa

Please see atachmnet.
Is there anyway to test if the Request User is also an Administrator?

Our Director is an Administrator. He will sometimes e-mail in requests as will some others that are Administrators. We do not allow End Users to add Notes and we do not include the Notes in End User notifications. I would like to add a check in the the body of the End User notification so that if the Request User is also an Administrator the Notes will be included.

So far the only luck I've had is something like this:

#if (${RequestUser}=="Joe Yooser")

This works for a single Administrator, however, I would have to add in a similar entry for each Administrator. Looking for something like ${IsAdmin}==true, but I haven't found anything that allows me to do that yet.

I see a column "administrator" in dbo.sysaid_usr which is set to "Y" if the user is an administrator. Unfortunately, #if(${ReqUser.administrator}=="Y") doesn't seem to work.
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Any reason the ${Project} and ${Manager} tag don't work in emails regarding tasks? Or has sysaid changed them ?
SysAid Technical Writer
The list of tags has been updated as of 23 June 2011, and is now fully up-to-date. Please let me know if there are any questions about the new list of tags.
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Additional fields :
$sr.getCustText1() - Shows the contents of custom text 1 for this service request
$sr.getCustText2() - Shows the contents of custom text 2 for this service request
Hi the product. We are well into our use of change management processes, flows and the like and would now like to be able to send custom notifications to users that are responsible for completing a task. By this I mean regardless of the workflow tab (analyze, implement etc) I need to know how to populate end user notifications with information from a specific subtask. ie. If I have 3 subtasks under the Implement tab in a workflow, all assigned to different change managers, then I want to be able to put the current change manager's name in an escalation notification should they sit on a request for more than 24 hours. Does anyone know the actual field of the currently assigned change manager in a subtask (not the currently assigned administrator in the linked SR)? While I am asking, is there a complete list of all the fields in sub tasks so we can pick and chose which ones we would like to include in a notification?

Let me know if you need any screen shots.


Anthony (Melbourne)