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Every single list in SysAid can be customized. This page allows you to customize these lists. Any changes made to a list here will affect that list in every place it appears throughout SysAid.


Note: Certain special lists, such as the Company list or Assigned To list, are edited in other parts of SysAid.



To add a new entry to a list:

  1. Select the list you would like to edit.
  2. Enter a key number for the new entry.
  3. Enter a caption for the new entry.
  4. If only certain user groups should be able to select this entry, select them using the ellipses button. If no groups are selected, any administrator will be able to select this entry.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click Save.

Tip: When building a list, use key values that are separated by 10, or even by 100. For example, first entry in the list is 101, second entry is 201, third entry is 301, etc. This way, you can insert additional entries in between if you need to.


To rename a list entry:

  1. Select the list you would like to edit.
  2. For the list entry you would like to rename, overwrite the caption field with your desired name.
  3. Click Save.


To delete a list entry:

  1. Select the list you would like to edit.
  2. Check the Delete checkbox next to the entry you would like to delete.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Note that you can't delete list entries that are currently in use. For example, you cannot delete the pending status when there are pending service records.


To reorder a list:

For each list, you can choose to sort the list entries by key number (lowest to highest) or by caption (in alphabetical order).

  1. Select the list you would like to edit.
  2. In the Sort by drop-down list, choose either Key or Caption.
  3. Click Save.


To rename an entire list:

You can rename any list (e.g. SR Custom List 1) by editing the translation file. Go to Settings > Customize > Translation and then go here for further instructions.



Special lists


Status list


The status list has two unique components: Class, and Incident/Request/Change/Problem checkboxes (ITIL module only).

Status Class can be Open, Closed, or Deleted/Ignore.

  • Open statuses include any active service records. Open statuses will show up in the "Active" list view, and on active SR reports.
  • Closed statuses include any closed service records. Moving a service record to a closed status will update the SR close time.
  • SRs in Deleted/Ignore statuses will not be included in reporting. (e.g. you have a policy that you don't delete any SRs, even spam. If you move these SRs to a Deleted/Ignore status, they will not distort your reports.)


The Incident/Request/Change/Problem checkboxes (ITIL module only) determine whether a given status will appear in the status list in a change, problem, request, and/or incident. For example, the "Problem Identified" status is only relevant to problems, so it will not show up in the status list for requests, changes, or incidents.


Priority and Urgency lists


The priority and urgency lists are linked; the entries in each list correspond to each other:








  Very High


  Very High











If you add/remove an entry to one list, make sure to add/remove a corresponding entry to the other list.


Please note that when SysAid matches an urgency to a priority, it does not use the key #. Rather, it simply counts down the urgency list until it reaches the desired entry, then counts down the same number of places in the priority list and chooses the entry there.



Translating lists


Any list that appears on this page can be translated into the language of your choice. To translate a list:

  1. Go to Settings > Customize > Account Defaults.
  2. Check the box Use the translation file for customize lists.
  3. Go to Settings > Customize > Translation.
  4. Follow the instructions for editing the SysAid translation file for the language of your choice. Translation keys for custom lists are found at the very bottom of the translation file.
    Note: Lists only appear in the translation file if they have at least one entry.
  5. Translate the list into as many different languages as you need.


Important: If you would like to rename a list entry after translating it, you must do so from the translation file instead of from Settings > Customize > Lists. You may still add and delete list entries from Settings > Customize > Lists.


Please take note: If you have translated a list into another language, that list may appear differently under Settings > Customize > Lists than elsewhere in SysAid.


 The status list as seen in the translation file

Super SysAider
Use caution - Status keys 1, 2 and 3 are referenced internally (and hard coded) within SysAid and should not be customised (changing name is fine but 1 should always be new, 2 open and 3 closed). It can break certain functionality. In our case, it's broken the notification that appears when you close a service request that's assigned to someone else - 'Would you like to re-assign this to yourself?'.

Learned this the hard way and unfortunately . I didnt find this warning in any documentation! Would be great if these keys didnt have the 'delete' option listed next to them when they are hard coded elsewhere in the system.
This is good information. I am having a problem uploading my revised translation file. I downloaded it as a .txt file, made the change as you describe and then saved it as UTF8 coded with the same name convention as the downloaded file.

When I try to upload the new file the page just loads forever. Nothing ever happens. Updates do not go through. I have tried in IE and Firefox and have restarted several times. Please help!
Here was my the translate file you would like to upload in ...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\classes. Then, restart the SysAid server service.

Had to create the classes folder.
I am having problems deleting Urgency captions. I created a TEST caption and now receiving 'missing captions error'. SysAid is telling me I used this urgency 'TEST' elsewhere such as a SR, but that is impossible because it was just created. End goal is to delete if anything... I don't want our end users to see this as an option for for an urgency level.
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi pxiong,

There appears to be an additional issue in the list you posted: The "Normal" urgency and key is duplicated. I suggest contacting our support team to investigate these issues. Please update here once they are resolved.