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Reporting in sysaid is a tricky art, not easily mastered, it certainly took me a while,
but here to help you along is a summary of some good threads on the topic:-

Report customization is possible in SysAid full edition with the manager portal.
Reports customization requires some programming skills and you can find the needed information on how to do it in the manager portal guide which can be found at:

We can also customize the report for you as a custom development project.
For more information, please contact us at with your request and we will provide you with all the information on this option.

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  • Which version of JasperReport/ireports to use -

  • Active Requests report - Group Selection by Status -

  • Service Requests Opened by Administrator -

  • Report: Active requests vs Date - ( I did not get round to finishing this report -maybe one of you will) -

  • Latest:-
  • Modify Activities by User report to report on one of the custom fields -

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    Thanks for the effort. A nice collection.

    Kind regards,
    Take a look at my 3D creations and here is a little animation I made
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    I took the lazy option and write my reports in MS Access. I know it measn i can not automate them i just found it easier then learning another package
    SysAid Wiz
    Jonathan, we recommend our users to use iReports to create reports for SysAid, which is as easy as MS access and can be imported to SysAid.

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    hmm i shall give that a go then
    SysAid Wiz
    Just added the latest little gem to the top post.
    thank you