SysAid Tip - Upgrading the SysAid Agent without Re-Deployment

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A Tip from Sarah Lahav, the Head of Ilient Support Team

To save you time and efforts, from version 5.0 and up, you can easily upgrade the SysAid agent without having to re-deploy SysAid to your network.

1.Go to Preferences->Asset Setting-> Asset Update
2. From the Command dropdown menu, choose Upgrade client version.
3. Choose which asset or asset group to run the upgrade on.
4. Set the date for the next upgrade.
5. Choose how often to repeat the automatic upgrade.
6. Click the Add button, or the Run Now button to upgrade immediately.

For instance, if you have SysAid 5.0.03 version, your client will be automatically upgraded to SysAid 5.0.06, even if the workstation is off.
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If you have created folders for assets, and apply an upgrade rule to the / group, will it upgrade all sub folders?
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This also works for linux client ?
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Ratoka - What do you mean by "asset folder" do you mean to groups?
If you do, then you will need to create a seperate rule for each asset group or to all groups at once.

Obelix - this is only working on the Windows client, the linux client is working differently, and based on a script, so there is no need to upgrade it.

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If you choose "Upgrade Client" will this override the normal scheduled inventory scan and not do the inv. scan or will it do both? After I upgrade the client do I need to change this back to inventory ?
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kamintech wrote:If you choose "Upgrade Client" will this override the normal scheduled inventory scan and not do the inv. scan or will it do both? After I upgrade the client do I need to change this back to inventory ?

You can create more then one rule, so you can have inventory rules and upgrade rules that can co-exist.
Also, Inventory rules can will operate in addition to the agent's regular updates, and will not cancel it.

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When we install the clients, we change some of the default settings (I currently have a .bat file doing this). When upgrading the client through SysAid, is it possible to set those custom settings prior to rolling out an upgrade? (for instance I change the shortcut key to CTRL+F12 instead of F11)
Hello I am relatively new to the world of SysAid, but you comment about changing the Shortcut from the default (F11) to something else. Sorry to be off topic, but I am curious as how you were able to change the default hot key. Any info suggestions will be appreciated.


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We use groups to break out our inventory based on region and then physical location.

i.e. TOP LEVEL -> South Carolina -> Facility #222 - Columbia

Since we have over 200 physical locations nested in these subgroups, it isn't feasible for us to create separate rules that apply to each individual group. However, in the past, this was how it appeared to work.

If we set a rule to the TOP LEVEL, will this setting apply to all sub-groups today? If not, should I make a feature request for this functionality or is there a good reason that you have designed it this way?

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Hello jncash ,

If you wish to change the F11 hotkey what you need to do is:
In the Deployment Tool, (start-> program-> SysAid -> deploy SysAid-> edit-> settings) click on “settings” in the top menu, and you'll find an option for changing the hotkey. You can enter “none” & disable the hotkey or you can choose any combination that will not interfere your daily work.
If you used login script to install SysAid agents please send it to me I will change it for you.
You could also change specifically one workstation by right clicking on the icon on the desktop, choose properties look for the hot key & change the set up.

Hope i have helped if not our support team will be happy to help.
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Dear Jeremy,

Upgrade doesn’t change special configuration you have defined on the agent when deploying the agent like changing hotkey or shortcut name.

If you would like to change any of the configuration parameters you will have to redeploy.

Upgrade just applies fixes & new functions do not change configuration.

I hope I have answered your questions

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Dear Harold.Ballinger

As I said the upgrade does not change configuration so I am not sure what you mean by will this setting apply to all sub-groups today?

Please clarify I would be happy to address.
Have a great day

Sarah Lahav


Firstly i want to say a big THANKS for you for this very good software !

So i just have one problem.
I can change F11 key in the deployement tool.
If i made "F10" for example in the "Hot key" when i install the agent on the client, i can use F10 and F11 to go to the support.
If i made "none" it is the same thing i always can use F11 !!

Please help me
Thank you
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Hello Julien,
In this case, you should un-deploy the agent first, then re-deploy the agent with the new hotkey.

This should make only the later hotkey work.

Best regards.
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I know this is an old thread, but I am having the smae problem. The F11 key seems to always be mapped, even if I change the shortcut key to NONE and redeploy the agent via the Deploy tool.
I've done more testing and if I change the shortcut key to anything else (for example CTRL+ALT+h) and redeploy the agent, the F11 key and ALSO the combo of CTRL+ALT+h bring up the web page.
I need to stop this.
Does anyone have the answer.