What SysAid 7.0 development is most exciting?

What SysAid 7.0 development is most exciting?
The SysAid Calendar 37% [ 32 ]
SLA/SLM Module 10% [ 9 ]
SNMP enhancements for network monitoring 16% [ 14 ]
API integration with external systems 10% [ 9 ]
Improved speed and usability 6% [ 5 ]
Better helpdesk permission control 12% [ 10 ]
Something else - tell us what it is! 8% [ 7 ]
Total Votes: 86
SysAid Marketing
SysAid 7.0 is the largest SysAid release to date! Among its 130 new features, there's something for everyone to be excited about. If you're looking for better high-level management of your service quality, the SLA/SLM module is for you. Want to better communicate with your end-users? Send pop-up broadcasts to all users logged-in to your network. Maybe you want notifications if you've exceeded the number of purchased licenses of a software product. Because every IT department has its own unique demands, we want to know:

What SysAid 7.0 development are you most looking forward to?

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Elite SysAider
i like the way that sysaid sends msg to all users with a window like frame. This is excellent that i told sysaid team many years ago (2-3) and they have done it. But this addon must be healed as we need to put a logo on the users screen when we send msg or yes/no question that will link to the survey part etc...