New SysAid 7.0 Feature: Tailoring End-User Knowledgebase Suggestions

SysAid CEO
As you all know, receiving service requests via automated channels is essential to increasing your efficiency and productivity. That's why the End-User Portal is such an important tool. It provides your end-users with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to report their issues and receive feedback.

Even better, the End-User Portal has resources to help your end-users independently resolve their technical issues. Since the release of SysAid 6.5, the Knowledgebase automatically provides your end-users with suggestions and resolutions as they begin to type in the title of their service request.

With the release of SysAid 7.0, you'll now have the ability to fine-tune these Knowledgebase suggestions to make them most relevant to your end-users' needs.
1. First, go to Preferences.
2. Then choose End-User Portal.
3. At the bottom of the page, you'll see a check box for "Enable Automatic Suggestions from Knowledgebase."

Here you can specify which suggestions will pop up when your end-user begins typing. You can choose for the results to be based on the title, question, and/or answer. You can also enter the words you wish to exclude from the search so that the results are more meaningful.

This is just one way you can provide your end-users with a better service experience and reduce your own workload!
SysAid Wiz
WHEN ...
*wait till he got her attention..*
it works.

It doesn't in my case... texts are overlapping... it's a mess. I suspect it is an instance of that green pop up object because it behave JUST like it.

I fired a formal SR no solution.