Which browser do you use sysaid with?

Which browser do you use sysaid with?
Internet Explorer 34% [ 49 ]
Firefox 49% [ 72 ]
Safari 2% [ 3 ]
Other 15% [ 22 ]
Total Votes: 146
Hi All

I find Chrome almost unusable for the Administration / Configuration of the backend, but it seems fine for normal users for what they are doing. I am on latest version Version 33.0.1750.154 m. When I want to configure the system, I move to Internet Explorer.

For example, if I make a system config change and save it on Chrome, when I need to put the notes against the change, it doesn't open a pop-up, but a whole new window, which then doesn't commit the save.

Also, I simply cannot get a new email rule to save on either browser. I am able to set everything up and click Save; but it just doesn't create a new rule. Everything else seems to be ok.

Any ideas?


SysAid Wiz
IE10/11 for end users, IE11 for our administrators.