[Fixed in 6.5.03] Initiate Chat with User

Hi Guys,

Just wanting to say thank you for this software. Seems to handle all that we require. I'm just in the throws of configuring it all as a trial etc, so I'm in testing mode.

I seem to have a similar problem to most of the peoples here.

IE: End User is assigned to an asset, asset has agent 6.5.05 installed, user can initiate a chat with Admin OK>

Admin can send chat request to use that is logged in, user does not get notification.

Asset has windows 7 on it. Any ideas.

Thanks Again.

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SysAid Customer Success Manager
Hey Leonard,

Welcome to SysAid community
Does this happens only with Windows 7 machines? did you try to use XP?
I saw that you sent us a request regarding this issue. Do you want to continue this there and we will post the solution once we finish?
SysAid Wiz
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm having this issue with Random users. For example I'm looking at an SR and I decide to initiate chat with Brad. I get the error message that he's not associated with an asset. When indeed he is. I am able to use the actual Chat Window and intiate the chat with him, but not from the SR. Some users it works with, and some it doesn't. I'm using 7.5.03 Pro +. THanks
SysAid Customer Success Manager
Dear 5.7FSN,

Please make sure that the owner of the asset is the request user in the SR if so and you still get an issue with this please contact helpdesk@sysaid.com with step by step description how you are trying to initiate the chat. Also please recreate the issue and send us the updated logs folders and files:
...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\logs folder (zipped)

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Inna