SysAid Upgrade Guide

Hi David,
These instructions are old.
Also not clear on how to upgrade Tomcat and Java.
Thanks !
Hello I'm trying to install SysAid 9.0 Pro Edition (Windows). Now we have installed 8.5.03. When we start the Upgrade the message "could not find SysAid installation" appears.

We copy the programfolder from another server two years ago. The programfolder ist C:\Program Files(x86)\SysAidServer. Upgrades from Version 7 to 8.5 was successfull on the same server, but upgrade from 8.5 to 9 does not work.

Do anyone know where is the problem.

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SysAid VP Customer Success
Hi costhomas,

Starting SysAid 9.0, the upgrade patch is looking for the installation in the server's registry. I think you may need to backup your database, reinstall SysAid on the server and then restore the database backup.
Please consult your account manager to see if there's any other alternative.

I just performed the upgrade to v9 from 8.5 and now the services won't start. Looking at the path for the service it is looking for wrapper.exe and that executable is no longer in the directory.

Is wrapper.exe a file that I can download from SysAid? Downloading and running the patch again gave the same results. The bad thing is I just got everything set in 8.5 and figured I mind as well run the upgrade

Looking at similar posts I see no mention made of the service not starting due to wrapper.exe missing. Most of those refer to Tomcat errors/issues.

Has anyone out there seen this one yet?

****Please disregard this one! Looking deeper on my side of things it looks like McAfee EPO flagged Wrapper.exe as malicious. After I made the exception and copied the file into the directory from an older installation of SysAid on a retired box the services started right up without delay.*****

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SYSAID is stuck at this stage while upgrading from 9.0 to 9.1.X
kindly help
im trying to install sysaid but always receive this error:

"the wizard was interrupted in MsSql Service already exist before sysaid server could completely installed"

can you help me on this?
Former Community Manager
Hi Marvin,

If you're installing the Free Edition of SysAid, it will try to install MS SQL Express 2008 R2 by default. The problem it runs into is if MS SQL Express 2008 R2 is already installed on the server, you'll receive the error message and the installer will quit. Because the Free Edition installer is tightly integrated with the SQL installation, we don't have a way (yet) to install them separately. Our recommendation has been to uninstall SQL Server Express 2008 R2 to allow SysAid to install correctly, however you also want to check and make sure the SQL server isn't being used for any other applications. Also, some Windows Server, such as Windows SBS, has SQL Express 2008 R2 installed by default.

If you're installing the basic or full editions, then select to customize the settings and you'll be prompted as to where to install the database. From there, you can install the database on the existing SQL database server.

Are you able to uninstall SQL Server Express or use a different server?


When we start the database migrations in reverts the install about halfway through. Any suggestions on why the install keeps reverting?

We are having the same issue while trying to migrate from Derby to SQL Server Express. It seems to be installing MS SQL Express, but after some time, it reverts and does not migrate the dB.

There is no SQL Server installed on this server, nor can we find any migration log to look for issues.
Once the server upgrade has been completed, do we have to upgrade the individual agents or is that triggered automatically from the server? - we currently use Group Policy to push our agents out, I just wondered if we need to then push out a different version of the agent over the top or run an uninstall sequence first.

Many thanks

We currently have Version 15.2.05 b5 installed on our On-Prem server and are trying to upgrade to Version 18. I noticed that there is a message that states we must be running at least 16.3 to upgrade to 18. So, how do I go about upgrading? Do I need to upgrade to 16 first some how?

Austin Westwood
SysAid Product Manager Community Manager
Hi Austin,

Yes, you'll need to upgrade to v16.3 first. It can be found here.