How many users do you support?

How many users do you support?
less than 100 19% [ 27 ]
100-499 49% [ 69 ]
500+ 31% [ 44 ]
Total Votes: 140
We have almost 900 end users which expected to reach 3000 in the next 6 months.
and we have 40 IT support guys with us.
we have over 60 sites in AU and about (guessing) 30 in nz with total of about 8500 users and probably about 500 servers.

We have about 100 hands on IT staff.
Waht is your formula? Please! Spanish Translation
I am the Director of IT, with 3 support folks under me. We have 9 servers (including a two node VM cluster that has another 7 servers on it), 320 users, 300 workstations and laptops. All of this in the same city, but in 5 separate physical locations.
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Myself (IT Director) and 1 other. (2 Total)

200+ Assets
~200 Users
11 Servers
30+ Locations (Across 11 states.)

We support all the day-to-day issues as well as our phone system (IP Office), networks, TV's, cameras, conference room equipment, physical inventory of our stores, minor graphic design, etc.

If it is remotely related to electronics, its likely we support and maintain it.
Rob Stephens
Director of Information Services
RCC Western Stores, Inc.
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I am the Network Administrator at our company. We have 3 people in the IT departement but essentially, only me deals with the technical side of the company and support. we have my boss who is the Director of IT and one programer with us.

So for myself, I am handling

2 sites (one in canada, the other in the US)

- 379 users
- 446 assets (computers, printers, switches, etc)
- 17 Servers (some of which are Virtual servers)

I offer support 24hours a day 7 days a week (we are a manufacturing company which is running all the time). And all this while handling the technical sides of different projects that we have. Sometimes, I don't even know how I do it.

Yeah I know, we need to hier someone else to give me a hand...

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I am the only IT person supporting over 100 staff around 200 computers, 7 servers and around 500 students spread across 3 sites.
I'm in charge everything from designing/administering their website to installing cabling to replacing mice. And I somehow still have time to post this

All that, and they only give you title of IT person? You'd think they would put "Super" in front at least. I hope your making good change?

2 admins (one actually programmers helps out when needed, the other does PC issues), 1 IT Director and 2 others not related to the maintenance of the PC's.

3 sites, approx 175 machines, 200+ users

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One Administrator (myself) and 200 computers including servers, desktops, laptops etc
16 admins..

200+ companies and over 10000 users

Stiill not managed to rectrict some of my admins from deleting the users and all of the companies off the system....
35 Users, 60 devices, two buildings, one IT guy. We're a tool and die so I can spend the morning shooting printer issue's, lunch approving wsus updates, and the afternoon hacking into a milling center or EDM machine to network it to a cam pc. SysAid really is a big help.

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3 120 Desktops, 20 laptops, 25 COWs (Computer's on wheels), 30 servers and ~250 users. Oh by the's a hospital so I'm on call around the clock as well. Glad I'm young!

Oh and I forgot the VoIP phone system falls under me as well!
3 guys (including me)

25 servers (mostly vmware virtualized)
300 computers (80 on site, the rest dislocated worldwide..)
120 iphones
120 ipads