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Hi all,

I have a couple of issues with Sysaid (nothing major, can live with them) but wondering if anyone else has come across them and possibly a solution....

1)We run multiple servers with RAID controllers and have noticed that 90% of those machines bluescreen if the SysAid agent is deployed to them. Only way to stop the bluescreening is to remove the agent.

2) When I started this job a few months ago, Sysaid ran quite happily and occasionally would get me to login again after maybe 15mins idle - fair enough. But now it seems to be occurring at random, I can even be in the middle of filling out a request and click submit and find its asking me to log in again. We havent changed anything on the Sysaid server at all. Is a tad frustrating

3) When I close a request, the submit user gets sent a notification to show its been closed, but it does not show the user the final solution/resolution. Am I missing something or is that all they get ? (Having a "Completed" option rather than "Closed" would probably makes things a bit clearer to end users)

Thanks for any info you may supply.

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Hello XPD

1. Can you please open the deployment tool and go to help > about and tell us the version of the deployment tool?

2. SysAid logs off after 15 minutes of inactivity (for example, if you write an email and it takes more then 15 minutes, then you will be logged out).
You can change the setting by following the below instructions:

n order to change the timeout interval, please edit the ...\SysAidServer\root\WEB-INF\conf\serverConf.xml file and add
in a new line after the line <webServerUser>false</webServerUser> (replace the XXXXXX with the timeout value in seconds) and then restart the "Sys Aid Server" service.

3. You can customize the automatic notification at preferences > customize > customized notifications, and then choose "email body to end user"

then you can add the below syntax to add the solution filed to the notifications:

#if( ${Solution} && ${Solution}!="" )
Solution: ${Solution}

Best regards.
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