Poll of the Month: Do you mind providing support to your family and friends?

Do you mind providing support to your family and friends in your spare time?
I'm always happy to help 45% [ 53 ]
It's a bit annoying but I'll do it 48% [ 57 ]
I don't mind - if they pay me 2% [ 2 ]
Yeah I mind! I don't work after work 5% [ 6 ]
Total Votes: 118
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It happens to every IT pro out there. After a long day of performing remote control sessions and analyzing your system performance, you go home only to find more end-users in need - but this time, they're your friends and family! They know you're the expert, they need help, and so it's only natural that they'll pick up the phone with the desperate plea: "My computer's not working! Will you come and fix it?" While providing high-quality service is part of your day's work, it's not necessarily your favorite leisure activity when you're off the clock. So we want to know:

Do you mind providing technical support to your family and friends in your spare time? It's OK, you can be honest - we all can relate!
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It's sometimes a bit annoying; but when I tell them "sorry, not this time, please?" most of them do understand.

And if they don't? Well.. BOFH
Assumption is the mother of all fuckups...
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I so want to say something like this sometimes ...

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I turned down a lot of times but just when very tired or had no time which happens a lot lately !
I can help when people are willing to help themselves - like providing info and trying some recomendation and come back the next day with results.
There are allways good people you want to help - their thank you make me feel pleased\good .. I don't know the exact word for that.


The first one I read was good but in my case I'll need to call myself, to make jokes of myself, bring new aquipment myself ...


I always had it on my mind but never could point out exacly what to say ... Thats as simple as it is good !
I almost always do. The only thing I don't like is being responsible for the machine once I say yes. Then I feel bad if it takes a while
I am usually happy to help. But, if they keep coming back I tend to start saying no.
I don't mind that at all .... as fixing computers, networking, tech support - over all whole IT ARENA is my passion and second nature....
However, they MUST provide me a small FEE - Very cold bottle of Cherry Coca-Cola....
It depends on if I have not talked to them in a long time, then they call me up to chat and mixed into the conversation "ohhh btw im having this computer issue..."


I agree as well.... sometimes you receive a call from an old friend who only calls you every time he has a computer problem.... coincidence??? mmmhhh... don't think so.

I don't mind fixing other computers every now and then but calling you once a week I believe it is too much!
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What's your stance on kicking the computer when it's making too much noise? That's what I do when I don't want to bother any of my tech-oriented friends... oh, and SylvainG, I DID major in comparative literature! HA!

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We are a small IT company that supports a few other small company's. We like to use SYSAID to support them. I have worked now a few day's with SYSAID and it works fine but I like to know if it is possible to create reports with the closed tickets and the detailed description of the actions. So we need to create a report that is usable for our college that makes the invoices for our customers.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Hold on...are you trying to say we have a choice in helping our family ????

When did this get implemented ?
My issue is that as soon as you help someone in the family, they latch on. I am fine with answering a few questions here or there, but I refuse to become T1 helpdesk for the entire family.
When it comes to immediate family its not an issue for me at all. But when it comes to a somewhat friend who hasn't spoken to me in months or years its a different story.

Somewhat Friend: Hey man whats up?!
Me: Nothing much.
Somewhat Friend: What have you been up to? We should hang out more often, its been a while.
Me: Just working. Yeah it has been a while.
Somewhat friend: (silence for 3 seconds) By the way my computer......
I'm 30, I've been working full time in IT for 14/15 years but have not actually done any hands on computer / laptop troubleshooting in many years. I still get people asking me which AV software is the best or telling me their computer is really slow with the hope I'll tell them I can fix it. I don't mind helping when I can but they don't understand that I it's not what I do anymore and IT does not mean fixing computers . I know many IT people who are software developers who can't change the memory in their systems just as an example. It does not hurt to help as long as they appreciate it. The best is when I get a thank you card that is unexpected or tickets for football game.