Tip of the Month: Online Users

SysAid CEO

SysAid 7.0 is a new release that provides you with more precise information and helps you channel your energy to where it is really needed. One of my favorite new features that truly gives you more control over your IT environment is "Online Users."

Under Asset Management, "Online Users" is a completely new view where you can now see a list of exactly which end-users are online and logged-in to the network. Even more, you can see exactly which computer they're using. This functionality is based on deployment of the SysAid Agent.

This new feature is helpful for many reasons. Most importantly, it can help you communicate with your end-users as efficiently as possible. For example, if a server is down, you can send a broadcast to only the users that would be affected by this downtime - the ones who are online. (By the way, these broadcasts are a SysAid 7.0 new feature, too!)

You can also know when an end-user is available to chat or if it's a good time to perform a remote control session. Knowing which end-users are online at any given moment can help you communicate more effectively with them as well as use your time more efficiently. I'm sure you can think of many other instances where this feature will help you, so feel free to share your ideas on the Community!