Unable to install the agent on some workstations - Solution found

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I have this incident open with tech support but thought I might save them the trouble if somebody else has seen that and found a way to fix it.

I have a four workstations (for about 500 workstations) that gives me the error :

"Could not load SSL Library"

when I try to install the SysAid Agent on it. The error (popup window) appears right after I click on 'Next' at the 'Account Information' wizard screen. When I click on the popup Ok button, the installation ends.

All the workstations are running Windows XP SP3.

Nothing gets reported in the event log, nothing is written in c:\temp, c:\tmp, c:\documents and settings\{user}\local settings\temp. The c:\program files\sysaid directory does not get created either but a few entries (not all of them) get created in the registry HKLM\Software\Ilient key.

I'm running SysAid V6.5.08. I tried to disable the Windows built-in firewall as well as the anti-virus program to no avail.

Edit: Forgot to add, the clients talk to the server on port 443 (https).

Anybody saw this before?


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We would like to know which exact file you have tried to run in order to deploy the agent to those Windows XP workstations .(by the web application/ deployment tool/ locally ?)
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I ran directly SysAidAgent.exe on the workstation. The file is stored on the network and it was successfully installed on all the other workstations. I normally run it silently using the following command :

SysAidAgent.exe /VerySilent /URL https://{serverURL) /account {accountName} /serial {serialID} /AllowRegister Y /AllowRemoteControl Y /SubmitSRShortcut "Centre d'assistance technologique" /HotKey 122 /ConfirmRC Y /RandomMachineID N /AllowSubmitSR N

but even if I simply run the installer and supply the fields manually, I get the same error.

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Found the solution. I'll post it here in case somebody else encounters the same error :

The SSL files (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll) that were is c:\windows\system32 were too old and missing some exported functions that the SysAid agent installer needed (hence the unable to load the SSL library). I renamed the two files and the SysAid agent installer proceeded at installing the agent successfully. It also copied its own, newer version of the two files into c:\windows\system32.

The agent itself do NOT load those two files though, it loads them from its own installation directory (c:\program files\sysaid). It's just the installer that wants to do that. I kept the newer files in c:\windows\system32 otherwise I believe an update to the client would fail as well.

I asked tech support to have the installer look in its own temporary installation directory first (where the newer files are found) to avoid this error in the future.

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Thank You I had the same problem on a server and your solution worked.
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This seems to still be an issue in release 8.1.03. We were running into the same issue and this has worked for us as well.