customize form in free edition

Hi everyone,

I am at the midst of evaluating this software to work in our organization. So pretty much i downloaded the free version. Is there a way to customize the SR forms at the user end portal to meet the needs of the business? And how can I use a new web form created in FREE version.

Appreciate all your help


SysAid Customer Success Manager

Customization capability is fully supported in our full SysAid edition.
You could customize your submit service request screen only on the free edition.
Please note that the option are very limited & our recommendation is to test customization features on our 30 days free trial as you will not experience SysAid full capability in this issue doing this on the free version.

regarding web form also recommended to test on trial edition as it is supported on the free edition in default set up.

Please let me know if you require further information on how change your submit service request screen or use the web form.



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