What's the Craziest Service Request You Ever Received?

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Part of being an IT pro means having patience for the common issues that inevitably reoccur: printers stop working, the internet goes down, computers are slow ... you've seen it before and you'll see it again. Every now and then, though, there are the technical issues that defy all convention and common sense. We asked some SysAiders to share some of their own funny or strange experiences. As the saying goes, end-users do the craziest things!

We asked some SysAiders to share their own stories, and here's a few to make you chuckle. Post your own experiences below -- we'll be sending out SysAid notebooks to those who post some really great stories!!

Technology - Not for the Faint of Heart
I had several service calls to a lady whose system kept locking up. Over several months she had several other problems (keyboard quit working, bad system board). When we talked to her and several other office workers, we found out that several other pieces of equipment in the office were giving them problems - things like the copier, phones and fax machine. We talked to her further and found out she had a pace maker. We put a ground strap on her for a day, and she did not have any problems with the computer. The only problem with that was it interfered with her pacemaker and did not let it function as well as it should. I guess she just had to use pen and paper after that.

- Robert Philips, City of Garden City, KS

Magnets on Computer = Bad Idea
Working at a computer store many years ago, I had sold a PC to an older man. He had purchased a custom-built PC from us and spared no expense. He came in about 2 days later stating that when he saves to the floppy drive, he noticed that at times the disk could not be read on other machines. We looked at the PC, tested the floppy, and it was fine. We showed the customer, he bought a pack of new disks, and left. Four days later, he brings in the PC again and states that the machine will not boot and he is still having floppy drive problems. We found out that the board was not posting and could not access files from the hard drive once placed in the bench PC. So we asked him if he had any large entertainment surround-sound speakers and he said yes, about 4 to 5 feet from his PC desk. We replaced the board, hard drive and floppy tested and sent him on his way.

4 to 5 days later, he called again and this time spoke with the owner of the company. He wanted that the owner and I to go to his house and look at the situation since he was upset about having to come into the store again. So we grabbed parts and headed out. Upon arriving to the home of the user (who was not very happy about us having to fix the PC again), he brought us to the PC, and there it was in all its glory!

The largest magnetic light that I have ever seen was attached to the side of the case. Dumfounded I looked my boss and he looked at me and then we both looked at the customer who said, "It's never been a problem before." After a long and heated discussion, the owner of the company explained how this voids the warranty and the problems that PCs have with magnets, especially very large magnets. The customer paid for repairs and life went on.

- Bob Brooks, Greene County Combined Health District, US

Do you have one that can top that?
This one's a quick read:

A user came to me the other day and said "I emailed a Microsoft Publisher file to a customer, and they called me and said they could not open the file". That's right..... my first question was "does the customer have Publisher on their computer". And of course the answer was "No". I said "I'm going to guess that, that is what the problem is".

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SysAid Wiz
I got one that's not even a history yet...

"I want to keep EVERYTHING on the server FOREVER. You will not delete ANYTHING !."

The file server quit like two weeks ago because it's too full (yess... I've warned and threat and all...) instead of forging a document management policy, we're looking to upsize the SAN and implement mail archiver (I discovered a 4 gig pst file !).

Aligning IT with business ?
Yeah right.