A Tip for Out of Office Administrators

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August is here and many of us are taking time off from work to go on vacation. The tip I shared last summer about SysAid's "Out of Office" functionality is as relevant as ever, so it's worth sharing the tip again.

Service requests go to different administrators according to the routing rules you specify, and if administrators are out of the office, you don't want service requests to be assigned to them and remain untouched for the time they are away. In this case, you don't have to redefine the routing rule settings every time someone takes time off; all you need to do is ask the administrators that will be unavailable to define themselves as "Out of Office."

The "Out of Office" feature is incredibly easy to use.

Under Preferences, go to My Settings, and then select the "Out of Office" check button. You then choose the administrator to whom you want your service requests be assigned during the time that you are away. This automatically changes the routing rule without having to reconfigure it yourself.

Once you return to the office after your great vacation, you simply need to uncheck the box and then you are back to business as normal. That's all it takes! Enjoy your holiday and relax - the "Out of Office" feature ensures that your service requests will be taken care of while you're gone.
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Hi Sarah.

I've asked before. It would be helpful if the manager could set up for all administrators. For example, if an employee is ill.
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Is their a way to place an administrator on "vacation" if the administrator forgot to set it?
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Not of as right now..
Is there still no way for a sys Administrator to place another administrator "Out of Office"?
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I can not activate the function, due to lack of selection

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Just wanted to let you know that this requested is FR# 920 and it will be implemented in our next SysAid release available starting Sunday for beta cloud.
To learn more about this FR you could use the below link:
We are using SysAid V18 on prem. Is this feature available?

Can System administrators set out of office for other administration?
I am having an issue where it will allow me to set an admin as Out of the Office but the setting wont stay. The check mark is checked one moment then unchecks the next.
I swear, every time I try to add automation to this product, I run into brick walls that should not exist in 2019. Sure, it's great that someone can set themself out of office, but why can they only redirect to a person. I am using a Admin group in a "round robin" fashion where tickets are auto assigned to techs in that group, but I can't redirect an out of office person to that group, ONLY to a person? Fail.

Also, what if someone forgets to set that up? As the Helpdesk lead I can't set that for them? I gave to dig into all th eround robin groups they are in and pull them out, then remember to put them back in? Fail.

Even if these features exist they should be easy to implement, with just a few clicks, they certainly are with other products.